Can You Keep a Secret is a hilariously charming rom-com


As streaming companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have been taking over the film industry in recent years, romantic comedies seem to be making their long-awaited comeback to our screens. Included in this new surge of feel-good rom-coms comes Elise Duran’s Can You Keep a Secret? based on the New York Times bestseller sharing the same name. This laugh-inducing film proves that with the use of strong, charming lead characters; the need for big studios and names flies completely out of the window. 

Can You Keep a Secret? follows the life of the young and ambitious marketing assistant Emma Corrigan (Alexandra Daddario) who, after thinking she is about to be part of a major plane crash, spills her entire life story and most embarrassing secrets to the passenger at her right. Weeks later, the same passenger who goes by the name of Jack Harper (Tyler Hoechlin) appears in Emma’s office, and it just so happens that he is the CEO of her company. 

With the help and advice from her best friends and roommates Linny and Gemma, Emma leaves her not-so-steady relationship with dorky co-worker Connor (David Ebert) and embarks on a romance with the heart-melting Jack Harper. 

This laugh-inducing film proves that with the use of strong, charming lead characters, the need for big studios and names flies completely out of the window. ”

Through a series of unexpected twists and turns, Duran is able to use her strong lead characters to create a movie that is able to pull love, lust, and longing from the audience members. Emma’s quirky and peculiar personality certainly instills hilarious comedy into many scenes throughout the film, and Jack’s confident, enchanting character enhances the many aspects of sweet romance throughout the film. 

Although Daddario and Hoechlin are fairly new to the industry, they are able to express each aspect of their vulnerable relationship with true ease. As their romance deepens, Emma’s openness and ability to easily pull on the strings of your heart beautifully matches the more reserved, shy qualities of Hoechlin’s character. 

As the film wasn’t produced, directed, or cast with huge Hollywood names, it became slightly too dependent on the stronger lead characters at times. The supporting actors lacked any impressive acting skills, and their wide range of appearances and personalities were unable to fuse together into harmony. The simple setting of New York City also became slightly dull at times throughout the 90-minute film; it only encompassed scenes of small apartments and busy, tight city streets. 

While Can You Keep a Secret? is a hilarious and captivating film with equal parts of romance and comedy, it doesn’t quite reach the success levels of other classics including Crazy, Stupid, Love or The Wedding Singer. At times, the awkwardness and lack of support from the secondary cast spoiled the scenes that could have been filled with hilarious jokes or heart-warming moments of romance. 

Although Can You Keep a Secret? is not breaking any of the standard rules of a romantic comedy, it is a must-watch for any lover of the genre. Its powerful lead duo will remind any rom-com connoisseur of the classics from the 80s that are finally making their way back onto our televisions.