Dallas Hopson combines his love for shoes and impressive selling techniques to create the perfect business


Junior Dallas Hopson loves shoes—specifically sneakers. His individuality is expressed through the designs and colors his feet fashion. Dallas’ shoes portray his personality better than any other aspect of his wardrobe: unique, colorful, and eccentric. 

As Dallas’ love for sneakers grew, so did his need for a job. He was transitioning into his freshman year of high school and wanted an undemanding and secure way to earn money. 

“I started [buying and selling shoes] two years ago,” Dallas said. “I was looking up ways to make money, and it just seemed like a quick and easy way. I didn’t really think it would amount to much, but it definitely was something I wanted to look into.”  

Though it seemed like a great idea, Dallas didn’t know where to start. He didn’t know anyone that bought sneakers from name brands and sold them at a markup price, so it was considered unknown territory to him. 

Intimidated and ready for a challenge, he decided to give it a try. 

“At first it was hard to get the shoes,” Dallas said. “Since I was just starting out, I didn’t really know how or where I could find pairs that could make me a profit. There definitely was a learning curve, but I eventually got the hang of it.”

Dallas continues to improve his business, and as the years have progressed, he has made large profits from the unique shoes. He takes pride and enjoys the rush when he sells a pair for a price substantially higher than the original. 

The biggest profit I’ve made is probably from a pair of Yeezys,” Dallas said.  “I sold them for 300 dollars. They were orange and looked so cool.

“The biggest profit I’ve made is probably from a pair of Yeezys,” Dallas said.  “I sold them for 300 dollars. They were orange and looked so cool.”

Distinctive and individualistic sneakers are the type Dallas primarily focuses on selling. He believes that the more personable and expressive the shoes are, the more likely customers are to purchase them.

Dallas hunts for the perfect pair and always keeps in mind what the customers positively respond to, not only what he would sport. 

“I just got a pair on Saturday that I’m going to sell for 700 dollars,” Dallas said. “They are Travis Scott Air Force Ones, and I think I can make a pretty large profit from them.”

Optimism is key. Dallas has to go into each sale with an open mindset and with hope that the shoes will sell. He is a part of a tough industry and always reaches for the maximum profit; however, Dallas keeps in mind that there is a possibility no one will want specific pairs of shoes.

“I sell the shoes on a website called Goat,” Dallas said. “Most of the shoes sell, but if they don’t, I just take them back to the original retailer. It’s super easy, and I never lose money.”

Over the past two years, Dallas has established many techniques to make his business as successful as possible. He uses specific methods to ensure that he acquires the particular pairs of sneakers he’s been eyeing. 

“I use multiple different chrome users to increase the chances of me getting the shoes I want,” Dallas said. “It’s all random, so you never know if you’ll get them, but if that doesn’t work, sometimes my mom will help me.”

Though this is a reliable business field, there are a few concerns and risks of the job. Dallas dedicates a large amount of time to guarantee that he will get the shoes that will maximize his profit and benefit his business the most, but sometimes the hard work he puts in isn’t enough. 

Nonetheless, Dallas is familiar with the concerns and continues to stay positive and confident.

“At least once a week I will try and get a pair, but they end up selling out,” Dallas said. “For example, I really wanted this pair of off white One Chicagos, but I didn’t get them. I was kind of  bummed, but it is what it is.”

Dallas continuously encourages his peers to take part in something that combines both their passion and work. There are hazards to the business; however, the reward is worth the labor and efforts.

“If people want an easy, low-risk way to earn money, this is a great way,” Dallas said. “I have learned so much, and I have a lot of fun doing it.”