Camila Cabello’s pristine album highlights a high point of sophistication in her music career

Camila Cabellos pristine album highlights a high point of sophistication in her music career

They often say the types of things you pen are an extension of you. They make you up; they replicate the image of you to others.

Camila Cabello’s new album Romance reflects that exact image. She utilizes her breathy notes to build a staircase to allurement. Artists try to replicate a central mood in their singles, albums, and EP’s. I have only recently started listening to Romance, but I am already obsessed with it.

“Shameless,” the beginner song — the song that sets the stage for the whole album. The strumming of a guitar introduces her voice as she comes in a few seconds later, her voice dropping to a lower octave. The broad background music build-up to the chorus consists of her mini belting lines she sings. The sultry background tones luridly bring to life Camila’s raspy, strong voice as the chorus arrives, giving the music a more edgy feeling. 

Camila had previously released “Senorita,” an MTV award-winning duet with her current beau, Shawn Mendes. It had gotten five nominations, and won two of them: Video Music Award for Best Collaboration and Video Music Award for Best Cinematography. “Senorita” enters with not just one background beat but two snaps and the strumming of a guitar. These sounds complement each other just like Camila and Shawn do. They are an imitation or symbol of Shawn and Camila; it is their beginning representation before they come in. 

Favorite songs: Bad kind of butterflies, Shameless, Senorita, and Cry for Me

“Living Proof,” displays the softer side of Camila as the song opens with kids yelling, symbolizing immaturity or innocence. The kids could be a hidden accolade in the song meaning Camila oftentimes still clings to her child-like side. The background beats that play gently after the kids’ voices are clean and pure, giving it a cloying sweet tone. It accolades a pure and innocent picture of her, which is what she is trying to implement into the listener’s minds.

The reflective noise that begins in the song, “Used to This,” hands me a nostalgic calming sound that makes my mind race like a car. The noise, in the beginning, could be Camila reflecting on her new relationship. “No, I never liked San Francisco, never thought it was nothing special, till you kissed me there, no, I never liked windy cities, but I think maybe when you’re with me, I like everywhere,” these first sentences are like a confession out of her private diary; a diary that thousands of people have read the opening to. 

The speculations about this song are that it is an obvious love letter to her current boyfriend Shawn Mendes. All the little trinkets of moments she capsizes in these lyrics can portray Shawn Mendes. I believe that this song is the most intimate and ironically private to her because it is about someone she cares deeply about. 

Camila’s songs, “Shameless,” “Liar,” “Senorita,” “Cry for Me,” and “Easy,” were previously released a few months before this album’s set release. 

This new album has showcased what Camila can really do. They all possess a seductive sound. Throughout all of her different sounds in this album, it reveals that Camila has two sides to her. Every album she is implementing into the music world is evolving her sound, it is like a lost child following her footsteps. It has evolved along with her, and it has grown with her. As people grow into who they are going to be, their sophistication grows like a vine with them. 

Her sophistication in her sophomore album has reached its peak, and it can only rise higher.