Roam is a restaurant for the adventurous homesick


In between Nutcracker shows and after a long week of rehearsals, Roam (by San Chez Bistro) was a great, close place to satiate my hunger.

As I sauntered into the restaurant, it felt like I had entered a different country. The decorations were welcoming and made me think about all of my past adventures.

The door immediately led up to a friendly face which quickly led me to a table.

The table was its own decoration. All of the tables have a map on them. All places around the world and all different.

We were quickly greeted with menus and water.

The menu had foods from around the world: China, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, and many others including America. This allows for a great place to meet friends who want a variety of exotic foods like Kimchi Bokkeum-Bap from Korea for the adventurous and burgers for the picky.

I decided to be adventurous, so I ordered the Jian Bing from China; my friend ordered the Satay from Indonesia.

We barely had time to reflect on our choices before the food came out hot and ready.

I had no idea what to expect, so I was impressed by what was presented to me. The plate of food looked and tasted delicious.

It had a soft crepe with an egg and scallions on top. Inside was braised pork and a few other items.

Although I couldn’t quite figure out how to cut the food and have it not fall apart, it tasted incredible. A burst of spicy and sweet flavor filled my mouth. I could taste the spice, but it wasn’t overpowering. The crepe was the perfect softness and texture.

After my friend and I finished our meal, we ordered the all loved dessert. She got tiramisu from Italy, and I got stroopwafels from the Netherlands.

I, once again, had no idea what I was getting myself into. And, once again, the food came fast.

The dish was served with coffee, and the first stroopwafel was sitting on top, softening. Once it was ready and gooey on the inside, I took a bite and decided this is something I would get again. It was sweet and a new experience. I did not, however, enjoy the coffee due to it being black.

The waiter was incredibly helpful throughout the whole experience.

He explained what I was supposed to do with my stroopwafel to have it authentic. He also filled my water when he saw that it was running low. He was very friendly as well.

My experience at Roam was incredible, including the payment. The food is well-priced, especially for what you get for the money.

Whether you are just roaming around downtown Grand Rapids or going to a performance across the street at Devos Hall, or whatever occasion, Roam is a great place to be for a variety of food choices.