Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink provides an enjoyable experience amidst a scenic surrounding

On one of the few warm, almost-like-spring days that winter break featured, I wanted to go ice skating. Why? I had been in Mexico over Christmas, and there were a few more winter activities I wanted to complete in order to keep my holiday spirit alive until I went back to school. 

Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink provided the perfect—and cheap—option for a high school student who didn’t want to immediately spend all of the money they received for Christmas on doing activities with friends. 

Located in the heart of Monroe Street and next to the Grand Rapids Art Museum in downtown Grand Rapids, Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink includes a friendly, neat environment with which to purchase admission to the rink, receive and put on ice skates, and ice skate. With the rink being resurfaced roughly every hour, the rink provides a safe ice skating environment too. 

Admission to the rink is one dollar for youth (17 and under) and three dollars for adults. Credit card, cash, and checks are all accepted as payment, and ice skate rental is included in the admission fee. The sizes of the skates range from a toddler size 8 to a men’s size 15, and cubbies are provided to place shoes and other belongings in while ice skating. 

The space of the rink includes a covered seating area for viewers and two levels of steps that can be used as seating spread enough to perimeter just about the entire rink. For inexperienced skaters, around ten skate guides are available for use, and for experienced skaters, the rink provides just enough space to skate at whatever speed is comfortable. With Mix 95.7 blasting over the rink, catchy music is always available to listen and sing along to while skating. 

The setting around the ice rink features many businesses, hotels, apartments, and eateries that are housed in towering buildings; therefore, skaters are provided with a glimpse of the beautiful setting of downtown Grand Rapids while ice skating. When the evening approaches, blue string lights that cover the surrounding trees are turned on, and skaters are able to feel as if they are truly in a winter wonderland. 

When skaters are exhausted from skating and have worked up an appetite, there are a myriad of restaurants and eateries to experience that surround Rosa Parks Circle. Ranging from classic chains such as Panera Bread, Subway, and Starbucks to unique restaurants such as Mojo’s Dueling Pianos Bar & Restaurant, Cinco de Mayo, and Flanagan’s Irish Pub, the restaurants near the rink cater to whatever food is desired or craved. 

I love the experience that Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink provides in regards to ice skating within the setting of stunning downtown Grand Rapids and the copious eateries and shops that are in such a close vicinity of the rink and available to visit after finishing skating. For such an agreeable price, visiting Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink is definitely worth it.