Halsey’s latest single “You should be sad” is the perfect breakup single that holds nothing back

“Gotta jot it down, and then get it out. And then I’ll be on my way.” 

These two simple, stark sentences accurately describe the tone of Halsey’s catchy, biting latest single “You should be sad.” Accompanied with unique cords from primarily an acoustic guitar, the single features a melody that is arguably unheard of. With the new year having just recently rang in, there is nothing more fitting and satisfying than listening to a pop song that simply doesn’t sound like the rest. 

“No, you’re not half the man you think that you are.” 

Halsey quickly delivers the message of her ballad through an exasperated yet confident tone, and the theme of the song is delivered right before the chorus commences. A definite breakup song, Halsey explains her frustrations involving her failed relationship due to her partner’s selfishness, materialism, and shallowness. 

Lyrically, Halsey holds absolutely nothing back, and she doesn’t care to spare her ex(es)’s reputation(s).”

“Take a broken man right in my hands, and then put back his parts.” 

However, Halsey is able to direct her listeners towards yet another inference: her ex was experiencing issues that he needed to fix while the pair were together. Later, Halsey also expresses her disappointment involving her failed attempts to assist her ex-lover; however, by the end of the song, a somewhat heartbroken tribute to what could have been takes a sharp turn towards contemptuous.   

“You should be sad” was released on January 10 and is the third single of Halsey’s upcoming album Manic (2020). Her professional name being Halsey, Ashley Nicolette Frangipane was once an unknown name posting videos of herself on various social media platforms. In 2014, she was signed to the record label Astralwerks, and some of her most notable releases to date are songs “Closer,” “Bad at Love,” “Without Me,” and “Graveyard.” 

Halsey took inspiration for “You should be sad” from spending some time in Nashville and, because of her experience, decided to put a twist on a pop song by incorporating country-esque elements into it. On Twitter, Halsey explained that she leaned more towards a pop-country mix because “the most petty and heartbreaking songs all come from country.” 

The single is speculated to be about Halsey’s latest ex: American rapper G Eazy. However, Halsey has described the single to describe a combination of relationships she has been a part of and relationships she has witnessed. 

Overall, Halsey’s incisive description of her and her ex’s downfall is destined to become a new standout and go-to in breakup playlists. With her frustrated descriptions of putting more into a relationship than a partner is returning to a partner needing to fix their personal problems in order for a relationship to be successful, the relationship issues Halsey’s experienced are relatable and personable. 

Lyrically, Halsey holds absolutely nothing back, and she doesn’t care to spare her ex(es)’s reputation(s).