Bro’s Doughs brings out the child in me


While walking through the two glass doors, I was quickly reminded of my six-year-old self; I was reminded of the memory of choosing the vibrant, teal hue for my bedroom. 

The blinding sight of the sun reflecting off the teal walls did not, however, prevent the otherwise astonishing first impression of Bro’s Doughs. 

The two glass doors allowed the escape of the aroma of the freshly-made doughnuts. 

I walked to the three-person line and found myself waiting for a little over five minutes. My initial thought was that they are merely slow, but when I approached the counter, I understood the speed. 

Atop the glass wall containing the doughnuts sat the display of copious choices—ranging from lemon raspberry to caramel macchiato. 

I was befuddled as to why they only had one of each flavor sitting out, yet I still felt the excitement bubble up in me as I ordered.

Unlike other doughnut shops, the doughnuts are prepared as you order. The moment the doughnuts are made, they are given to the prep table. Then, they add your toppings only seconds before selling it to you. Once your doughnuts are made, they are sent to the cashier. 

I walked only a few steps to my left and was instantly greeted with a warm smile. However, my smile reflecting that of the cashier’s quickly faded when I heard the total—eight dollars for half a dozen doughnuts.  

I was quickly reminded of my six-year-old self.”

Eight dollars may not seem unreasonable for six specialty doughnuts; however, Bro’s Doughs sells miniature doughnuts. The agony of, in my opinion, the overpriced doughnuts frightened my ideas of enjoying what I ordered. 

My friend and I sat at one of two tables in the shop. I felt unwelcome the moment I pulled my chair close to the table. We were the only two people seated, and we took up half of the space in the shop. Bro’s Doughs had opened only a week ago and even the wilting flowers did not match their brightly colored petals. 

I will admit the thought of leaving had even crept up on me. The only way this shop could be salvaged was if the doughnuts were worth their price. However, to my surprise, they almost were. 

The crisp, cool outside of the doughnut shocked my taste buds as it mixed with the soft, subtle warmth of the dough inside. It was the ideal combination. 

Each flavor lived up to its name. 

A blanket of raspberry topping rested on the bright yellow, lemon-flavored silk on one doughnut; the swirl of chocolate and caramel was found beneath the chocolate curls on another. Even the marshmallows were perfectly toasted.

After staying there for only a minuscule amount of time, I found myself walking out of the two glass doors. 

The tiny room was full of people within the course of ten minutes, and traveling through the maze of open spaces made finding the door all the more difficult. 

However, despite my initial reactions, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the doughnuts. Bro’s Doughs holds the possibility to be the epitome of a doughnut shop.