Knapps Corner Nutrition serves pricey but delectable protein shakes and teas

Squished between a golfing facility and a pizza place, Knapps Corner Nutrition’s simplicity does not stand out to the ordinary eye. With a plain exterior and basic black and white logo, the eatery does not look like anything special. 

But, the colorful and appealing protein shakes and teas that Knapps Corner Nutrition has to offer are truly unique, and the simplicity of the shop successfully highlights the delicious drinks that it has to offer. The eatery is the diamond in the rough of the bland chain restaurants located in and around Knapps Corner and Celebration Cinema North.

Knapps Corner Nutrition opened its doors in November of 2019 and is co-owned by David England and Renae Baron. The partners experienced positive results from using their products; so, they opened the restaurant to feed their desire to demonstrate to others their knowledge and findings that healthy and sweet can, in fact, go hand-in-hand. 

The restaurant features over 80 protein shakes, teas, and coffee drinks, each with an exceptionally tasty and different flavor. Some protein shake flavors included on the menu are chocolate oreo cheesecake, frosted animal cookie, cinnamon toast crunch, and chocolate chip cookie dough. The menu also features post-workout and dairy-free protein shakes; some of those flavors include death by chocolate and peanut butter and jelly.  

There are three sweetened tea flavors to choose from without forfeiting extra money: blue raspberry, strawberry watermelon, and acai berry lemonade. Likewise, there are seven unsweetened tea flavors to choose from for no extra cost: lemon, raspberry, peach, chai, cinnamon, pomegranate green tea, and relaxation tea. 

If customers are unable to choose between all of the delicious tea flavors, Knapps Corner Nutrition offers what they call their “tea bomb” menu. Including fifteen flavors plus a create-your-own option, the “team bombs” are essentially combinations of the teas listed on the normal menu. A few flavors to choose from are sour patch peach, roy g biv, and island twist. 

Finally, if customers are craving coffee, Knapps Corner Nutrition serves house blend—or mocha for a three-dollar surcharge. But, if customers desire to mix protein and coffee, the shop has their back. With protein shake flavors such as caramel latte and chocolate chip frappe, coffee lovers’ needs are surely met while they simultaneously make a low calorie, healthy choice. 

The fact that Knapp’s Corner Nutrition serves healthy products is why I decided to try the eatery out. When I opened the doors, I was instantly greeted by two workers in a pleasingly calm environment. With a few tables strewn across the perimeter of the fairly-open shop, Knapps Corner Nutrition features an exceptionally uncluttered environment. The walls of the restaurant are bright, but the dark tables and chairs and plant decor completely contrast the walls; therefore, the aesthetic of the restaurant is very modern and millennial-esque. 

Once I reached the counter to order, one of the workers presented me with a menu and a sheet of paper with which to fill out my order. The worker explained the combo that the restaurant offers—one protein shake and one tea or coffee—and placed the menu on the counter in front of me. Instantly, I was overwhelmed, especially because I’m not a picky eater. 

After going back and forth between white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and chocolate oreo cheesecake, I made my selection: white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Satisfied, I was ready to pay—but then I realized that I still had to choose a tea. Going back and forth between flavors again, I hesitantly decided to splurge on a “tea bomb” named half & half. 

While my concoctions were being created, the second worker checked me out. Having ordered two protein shakes, one normal tea, and one “tea bomb,” the order’s total came out to be twenty-one dollars. Skeptical as to whether or not that was a reasonable price, I reluctantly handed the cashier my money. But, when the gorgeous drinks were handed to me, my skepticism died slightly. 

Nevertheless, I knew that one factor would decide whether or not my purchase was worth it: the taste. 

When I took a sip of my shake, I was surprised at how proteiny it was; however, the shakes are supposed to serve as meal supplements, so the amount of protein the shake contained was reasonable. Even though I was only able to finish half of the shake because of how thick it was, I did think that it was tasty—especially since it contained 250 calories or less, 24 grams of protein, 14 grams of net carbohydrates, 4 grams of fat and fiber, 21 essential vitamins or minerals, and 9 grams of sugar or less. 

But, what I enjoyed most about my meal was the “tea bomb.” Tasting more like a juice than a tea, the “tea bomb” featured a sour, sweet, and fruity flavor; interestingly, I could individually taste each of the flavors included in my drink. The yummy tea was very easy to finish. 

Overall, the drinks I purchased and experienced from Knapps Corner Nutrition were undeniably scrumptious and sensational. But, I believe that I paid too much for what I received, and I hope that since Knapps Corner Nutrition is a newer restaurant, its prices will decrease once it establishes what the owners believe to be a consistent and comfortable amount of customers.