Your life is your own – A Free Verse


What will you be? 

It’s hard to know who you are or what you will be. You can’t properly identify what your attributes are or your personality traits at first. 

It’s a learning process. 

Finding out slowly but surely who you are and how you will react to things. 

But, for some time you feel stuck.

Stuck between yourself figuring out who you are versus others figuring out who you are.

The people around you can see you from the outside and make assumptions about you. They can put you in a box and think that’s all that you are. 

This hinders your ability to see yourself for what you are. 

You can only see what others see; you only know what others think. 

You see this version of yourself in everything.

Abiding by and upholding the labels others have placed onto you. 

A cycle of insecurity and self-doubt.

A cycle of unhappiness.

But that’s not who you want to be. 

You are capable of what you want, not what others limit you to. 

You are cable of what you will and place effort into. 

Nothing in your life can be determined by the stereotypes of others. 

You are who you are regardless of how others would define you. 

You live the life that you want. Your life is your own.