They can see right through – A free verse


You don’t think they can see it? 


It’s right there. 


It’s obvious. 


You made it yourself. 

You show everyone this side of yourself. What you want them to see. 


You show them the best of yourself. 


You’re afraid of what they will say. 


You’re afraid to show everyone your real self. 


You’ve made a mask to cover up the ugly. 


And you’ve made it perfectly. 


They can’t see through it. 


But they can still see it. 

They can see exactly what you’re afraid of. 


There aren’t any cracks in the mask. There aren’t any loose stitches. 

There aren’t any holes in the fabric. There’s nothing missing. 

It’s in perfect shape. Nobody can see through it, yet they can still see it. 


They know what you’re afraid of because they can see what you’re covering up. 


The shape of the mask. The material you’ve used. The way you’ve stitched it up. 


They know exactly who you are. 

They know exactly how you made it, so they are exactly what you’re afraid of. 


No matter what you do people can see you. 

You can’t hide who you really are.