Little clay creations


Once upon a time,

there was a little girl

who loved to create.


She would sit and wait

for an idea to come.

And then her little hands

would turn her big chunk of clay

into a thing overflowing with life.


Day after day 

she worked on her masterpieces.

Day after day 

she toiled and troubled.


And when,

at last,

her work was done,


she would take her little clay animals

and her little clay pots

and she would give them away.


Slowly but surely,

the community around her began to fill with her little clay creations.


The people of the town would ask each other,

“Who is this person bringing us these clay animals?”

“Who is it that knew I needed a new cup for my pencils?”


But no one knew. 


For the little girl created not for herself,

but for the joy of those around her.


Thank you, little girl, we love your creations.