A cacophonic group of misfit blankets


A little brown basket 

is the home 

to a cacophonic group of misfits.


One is little and blue,

with a parade of colorful llamas,

not unlike the ones at the zoo.


One is grey,

and extra fuzzy,

to warm even the coldest day.


Another is white —

simple — to balance the others,

but not quiet.


The oldest is oddly shaped,

a cheap rendition of archaic comfort,

and across a chair it always draped.


Each member of the family

that lives in the little brown basket

is partner to a member of my own.


The little blue llama blanket is loved by Meredith and I.

The fuzzy grey blanket is the favorite of Kelsey.

Courtney is friends with the white blanket.

The little brown basket is home to the blankets which warm the homes of my family’s hearts.