Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made was good, but not good enough


Disney Plus’s newest movie was different from most Disney Channel originals because the movie focused on one kid’s life who was going through a lot.

Timmy Failure (Winslow Fegley) is a fifth-grader at Carverette Elementary, and he had to go through constantly being worried about his single mother paying the house bills, his mean teacher who in Timmy’s mind is out to get him, and more.

Timmy’s escape from it all is his imagination, something many of us have grown out of. Timmy believes he is a detective and sometimes that can cause him to get into trouble.

While the movie shows us how Timmy gets through life and how he lets his imagination run wild, it also shows us what life is like through other people’s perspectives. Timmy never thinks he does anything wrong but everywhere he goes he causes trouble.

I would recommend this movie as something to watch with your family or for your little siblings.”

Timmy travels all over North Portland for his detective cases and meets all different types of people. I did enjoy how almost every detail somehow tied into other parts of the movie by the end of it. 

Sometimes Disney movie’s plots can be so out of the blue and unrelatable, but here it was nice to see a change. Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made is based around events that could take place in real life so people have an easier time connecting with the main ideas.

While the movie had the positive message of “staying true to yourself” and was unique from most Disney movies, it felt like the climax would never arise.

The movie was fast-paced but not fast enough–the ninety-minute film felt like hours. The characters were interesting and the plot was intriguing but the climax never seemed to come.

The whole movie was the climax–there was no huge bang at the end of the movie that would lead to a resolution and the end of the movie fizzled out to a stop.

The first hour I was following what was happening and loving every second, but, by the end, I kept pausing the movie to see how much time was left. I feel very mixed about the movie, but I don’t think I would watch it again.

The movie was cute but once I had seen it, I didn’t need to see it again. I applaud the director, Tom McCarthy, for an uplifting Disney movie but I don’t think it will bring many more subscriptions to Disney Plus streaming service as they intended.

I would recommend this movie as something to watch with your family or for your little siblings. Although the movie wasn’t terrible, it seemed like something I would watch when there was absolutely nothing else on.

The acting was surprisingly good, I won’t lie, but I thought it was going to be actors who just wanted another little part of a Disney movie.