I live in a bubble


I have always loved traveling. I feel like it is such a delightful way to gain a fresh start for a short amount of time; no one knows who you are. 

I used to tell myself traveling was the ideal escape from the real world. I felt like I was imprisoned at times in a world full of challenges and choices I never wanted to make. Traveling was my way of seeing the world from a different perspective, a better perspective.

At least that is what I presumed. 

I never traveled to minor cities in different countries. I consistently went to the sizable tourist-attracting cities. I consistently went to the cities that have the most advancements to seem more inviting. 

It was not until this previous winter that I discovered the truth—I live in a bubble. 

My family traveled to the Dominican Republic over Christmas. While we were there, we decided to do a waterfall experience. This consisted of a trip away from the city we were in out to the mountains. 

I am not above anyone else; I am not more valuable. I am simply more fortunate.”

As we started driving further away from the center of the city, the entire world felt like it was falling apart. It is inequitable that they have to use their time and energy to perfect their tourist locations rather than their own homes to please people who are only there for a few days. 

These people did not choose this life; they were born into it. It is not as easy as picking everything up and leaving. This is the only life they can afford. 

People think they are better than others because they live better lives, but it is simply a matter of luck. There are so many people in today’s world that are very well-off, and they believe they earned everything they have. That scenario is true in some cases, but in many other cases, they only have that belief because money was never extremely difficult to come by. 

They place themselves in a bubble

I placed myself in a bubble. 

I never wanted to leave that bubble because I felt safe inside of it. I isolated myself from any real issues I ever faced and told myself that is a reasonable response. 

But the truth is, it is not a reasonable response. A reasonable response would be finding a way to support all of those people who might not be as lucky as I am. 

I am not above anyone else; I am not more valuable. I am simply more fortunate.