Sunny Boba exceeded all expectations and is my current obsession


I’m one of those people who gives up very easily. 

So the fact that I went through the pain of finding the directions to Sunny Boba, taking over fifteen minutes to park, and traversing a five-minute hike to get to the store was incredibly impressive. 

Although the insane parking situation in the downtown area almost gave me a panic attack, I was thankful that I had persevered and finally made it. 

Sunny Boba, a quaint tea shop, has a small entrance placed next to a nail salon. This made the store strenuous to spot at first, but after I knew I was at the right place, I could easily find it. The inside is very simple yet elegant. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling over the steps leading down to the counter, and a sweet smell I couldn’t place hung in the air.  

With a large menu displaying a variety of food and drinks, the options were daunting. I had told myself I would only buy a drink, but the mouth-watering smells almost made me change my mind. 

They have an assortment of sandwiches you could choose from, including a spring roll and a Vietnamese BBQ Sandwich. They also have frozen foods to choose from, ranging from macarons to mochi and even ice cream sandwiches. Along one of the back walls sits an array of Vietnamese and Chinese candy and snacks. 

I had the option to mix up to three different smoothie flavors, and they also have over four tea options to choose from. I was even able to choose what flavor and type of boba I wanted. 

The best part? I wasn’t charged differently for the combination of smoothie flavors or the flavor of the boba I chose. The price remained at a flat five dollars no matter the number of alterations I made. I decided on a mixture of a pineapple smoothie with strawberry boba—a mixture I would come to love.

After buying the drinks from the quiet but polite employees, I got to watch the process and was amazed. After filling the cup, they placed it in a large machine that rolled a film on top of the cup and then melted the edges, creating a sealant on top to prevent spilling. This was mesmerizing to watch and was helpful in my journey back home as it prevented the drinks from spilling as I drove. 

My friend and I had bought four drinks total, so I expected a long waiting time; however, I was shocked to find that the drinks were ready to go within five minutes. 

I was anticipating the moment I could poke the provided straw through the seal and take my first refreshing sip. I had never had boba before, so the excitement strengthened until I first filled my mouth with the sweet juice and sweet boba beads.

I imagined the boba bursting open in my mouth and the flavor of the sweet tapioca. The first sip started with the cold flavor of the powerful pineapple smoothie. It then escalated as I popped my first boba; the strawberry flavor mingled with the pineapple to create a perfect balance of delectable harmony in my mouth, and I was not disappointed. 

I was instantly certain I will be making several trips back to this tiny restaurant. 

The only possible downside of this cute little restaurant was the fact that there was some difficulty with the name and the menu. A similar boba place called Sunny’s Boba has a very different menu than the one found at Sunny Boba. Yet a careful search can pull up Sunny Boba’s website without any difficulty.  

Sunny Boba was a surprise to me. I was shocked that I had never heard of it. The amazing flavors and great pricing would put this small shop on anyone’s radar. The lure of Sunny Boba’s mouth-watering sounding sandwiches and the possibilities of drink combinations make me zealous to walk back into the shop.