Take me back


Aruba– a place I’d go back to in an instant

I want to go back to the times when all I had to worry about was sunburns and tan lines. 

Take me back to the palm tree-lined boardwalks that lead me to nothing but beautiful beach sunsets. 

Fly me back to the exotic islands where there are enough tropical drinks to last me a lifetime. The natural pools crawling with crabs and urchins that branch off of the clear blue ocean are calling my name. 

Drive me back to where there are plenty of tall oak trees to hang my hammock on. I long for the days spent swaying in the fabric cloth, getting lost in a book. The feeling of being covered by the canopy of green leaves and birds above me creates a tranquil sanctuary; I wish I could stay there forever. 

Let me climb the Redrock shelves of the desert littered with spiky cacti of every kind. It doesn’t matter that I’m probably baking under the heat of the sun. The rocky hike is certainly no picnic, but every bit of the scene is enough to take your breath away and not return it until you turn your back on it. The city seems to go on for miles only to be broken up by the towering rock formations. 

Take me to the exotic places, but bring me back to the familiar ones—the ones filled with memories.

Give me the time to gaze out at the mountains that go high and low. Let me breathe in their smoky sweetness in the morning air. Their appearance changes so frequently; no time of day provides the same view. There will never be enough time to catch all the changes. 

Let me figure out the places I will want to return to. 

Show me the clearest place to float in the salty ocean—the same ocean where dolphins play all day. Diving deep to find shells and hidden treasures will never get old. 

Bring me back to the places where I’ll never want to leave. The places that will hold forever memories of experiencing life as I want to, doing the things I love with the people I love will never leave me.

Let me go down the biggest waterslide, ride the tallest roller coaster, and climb the tallest tree. Guide me, but don’t command me. Let me figure out the places I will want to return to. 

At this point, take me anywhere that trials are not present. Take me to places of adventurous fun but also filled with relaxation. Take me somewhere with my best friends, my family, and all the people I care about. 

Take me back to the places I love, and let me explore new heights. I want to live them out loud, not just in my wandering mind.