May third is full of amazing birthday celebrations


Jadelin Hinkel

One of many birthdays I’ve spend with Kate.

Most of us are lucky to share our birthdays with one other person. I’m lucky to share mine with five amazing people. It might seem preposterous to know five others who share the same birthday, but I’m one of the few.

Two of them are some friends I hope I never grow apart from. Kate and Emma are both from my church and will be turning 18 this year. We have practically grown up together. They’re twins and one year older than me, but we have been in the same grade together and shared the same big achievements throughout life. 

They’re practically like sisters to me and they are a huge part of my childhood. Without them, I wouldn’t have done half the stupid, but memorable things I’ve done over the years, nor would I have gotten as many scars.

We would always run around our church in flip flops even though we were told not to; within minutes, we would all run in to see our parents, telling them we had fallen down and had sustained multiple gashes all over our bodies as proof. But without them, I wouldn’t have had these stupid memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

One of the other three people that I share a special day with is my nephew, Carter. He is one of my fellow birthday buddies. Plus, he is by far one of my favorite people. I might not get to see him too often due to distance, but he is one of the sweetest little boys in the world.

He will be turning eight this year—it seems like time has flown by. I still see him as a little kid, but he’s getting closer to the dreaded pre-teen years. He is one of the most incredible people I share this momentous occasion with.

Without them, I wouldn’t have done half the stupid but memorable things I’ve done over the years.

As for the last person, Rylie Beatty, is someone who I get to see at school on our special days. 

Rylie is someone I have known since elementary school, and she’s someone who I’ve been able to celebrate with for years. Whether it’s a sleepover at her house or at mine, we used to be together almost every year. But sadly, we don’t do that anymore, and I’m grateful that we got to spend at least a few years together.

Without knowing these people I share my birthday with, I don’t think I would enjoy my birthday as much. Just knowing that it’s not just my day makes my day even more special.