I make small changes to my personality, but I am still me


Addy Cousins

here is a picture of me and one of my little cousins over the summer

My voice goes from its usual low volume to a high-pitched, soft whisper when speaking to adults. I am kind, collected, and have perfect manners when in the presence of my elders. 

With friends, I am loud and commanding. I take charge and laughter streams from my tongue. I still have adequate manners, and I’d say I’m an enjoyable person. The largest difference between these two personalities of mine is that when I am with those my age or my friends, I speak my mind. 

When I am with my family, I am their sweet and mature little girl. I am more comfortable and am more talkative. Yet, I keep what I say in check, and I worry over the way I act. I desire to keep their view of me to stay the same. I want to be the one my family can count on to be the example and the helping hand. 

These are my three different personas. I hear the chimes of laughter from my friends when they catch me changing entirely in front of their parents or how differently I talk to my own parents. I notice the change in my language, and I scold myself when I have a slip of the tongue. I don’t completely do a 180 turn on who I am as a person, but the small changes add up, and the change in my demeanor is noticeable. 

I know I can’t possibly be the only person who makes small alterations in my attitudes; everyone subconsciously changes the way they talk or what they laugh at. I, for example, find small changes in my humor with different people. I will be talking to one friend and would make a joke that a different friend would never laugh at. 

I find that my three personalities work together to make me. I am classified as the “mom friend” because I carry a purse, will clean a smudge off a friend’s face, and I often catch myself reminding my friends to say “thank you.” 

I find that my three personalities work together to make me.

I happily accept the mantle of “mom friend,” as it’s the perfect way to make the separate aspects of myself come together in a small way. I am the oldest sibling and oldest cousin on both sides of my family, which means a lot of young, impressionable children look up to me. I’m used to caring for others, and I love to do so. 

I am such a family-oriented person, and my family personality shines bright when I see my little cousins and have my siblings trailing after me and my friends. I have a lot of practice with caring for others, and all three of my personalities show that aspect of myself. 

I am one person who makes small modifications to my disposition. I still love reading, taking care of others, and writing no matter who I am around. I simply change to match my surroundings and make sure my temperament is appropriate for who I am with.

I have three personalities that, when really thinking back, are quite similar—I am merely more confident or comfortable in different situations with different people.