Madi Evans’ relationship with her brother is unparalleled

Ellie McDowell

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It takes a village
April 19, 2023

Madi and her brother, Nate, posing next to a car.

Taylor Swift’s voice floats through the car while sophomore Madi Evans waits in the gas line at Costco.

Sitting in the driver’s seat is Madi’s brother, senior Nate Evans. Together, they scream the lyrics, ignoring any potential looks they get from people around them.

“We often end up going to Costco to get gas,” Madi said, “even though we just sit in the line and scream The Weeknd or Taylor Swift or something like that.”

Nate drives Madi home from school, and this often means that she is roped into the shenanigans of high school boys. They hang out enough that Nate’s friends have even given Madi a similar nickname to Nate.

“All his friends call me ‘Mev’ or ‘Mevans,’” Madi said. “It’s because they all call [Nate] ‘Nevans.'”

Nate and Madi go on a lot of different adventures. This type of thing is something that Madi and Nate do a lot. Their impromptu car rides are something that Madi cherishes in the little time she has left with Nate.

“We’ll just drive around town,” Madi said. “There was this one time we went to Taco Bell. Then he was like ‘I really want to go thrifting,’ so we drove to Wyoming and went to the Thrifting Bins. He was like, ‘There’s nothing here, and it smells like old people.’ [So instead,] we drove to Grand Haven. I enjoyed just spending time with him. I know our time is limited, and I hate thinking about that because I love him so much.”

Their quality time together is nearing an end because Nate will be graduating in May. He hopes to go to either Michigan State University, Southern Arizona, or Southern Utah.

Madi hates that Nate will be in college soon. She only has a few more months with him; she doesn’t know what she will do once he is gone.

“I cannot believe he’s leaving,” Madi said. “When Ben, [my younger brother], talks about taking his room when he leaves for college, I’m like ‘No, that’s Nate’s room; that’s not your room.’ It’s gonna be so weird once he’s gone. I’m not ready for it. I’m literally going to start crying about it right now. It’s so weird to think, ‘Madi, you only have six months with him until he’s gone.’”

Madi’s relationship with Nate is unlike any other sibling bond. She feels as though she can tell her older brother anything. In fact, he knows almost everything about her life, and she chooses to tell him—something most younger sisters don’t do.

I enjoyed just spending time with him. I know our time is limited, and I hate thinking about that because I love him so much.

— Madi Evans

“He knows everything going on in my life,” Madi said. “I will voluntarily tell him. [During our car rides,] he’ll tell me everything that’s going on with him—with his friends, with females. His girl taste sucks, and I like to nit-pick that. Obviously, he’ll go for any girl that breathes, but I’ll be like ‘Nope, she’s not good enough for you.’ I feel like he’s the little sister, and I’m like the big brother.”

This type of thing is something that Madi enjoys and laughs about. In the stereotypical older brother and younger sister relationship, the older brother is supposed to be protective and make sure the younger sister doesn’t fall for the wrong guy. Madi finds it funny that, ironically, she is in charge of making sure the girls are good enough for her big brother.

This unmatched sibling bond that Nate and Madi have is something that every set of siblings wants. Madi cherishes the time she has with her brother, and she loves him more than anything. She finds it hard to imagine her life without him in it.

“I love him with my whole heart,” Madi said, “and I don’t want to see him leave. That makes me so sad, every day, to think about the fact that there is gonna be a day that I’m not going to be the main person in his life, and we might get to the point where we might not tell each other everything. That scares the crap out of me because he is my best friend.”