Everything happens for a reason: my catchphrase


Some of the people and pets that make me look back

Everything happens for a reason, and I notice it. 

The good, bad, minor, and significant marks in your life, and I notice every single one of them. When something happens that puts me in a bad mood or makes me feel miserable, I look at why this could be happening and for what specific reason. Am I learning from this? Would this eventually get worse if it went on forever? It helps to take a step back and search for the slight details, maybe even the extensive ones as well. Certain circumstances seem to make me reflect more than others.

Once in a while, I have a rough night with my family. We get into a disagreement about something someone said or argued and can’t come to terms with a topic. We all yell, cry and scream, but in the end, I think deeply about what it meant. Does my family have a point? Are they right about what I said or did? Typically, they are. I think about what I learned and how I can change what I did wrong. I consider what I could do differently next time and how I can apologize to make it all better. 

This is all part of a new learning experience for me and how it impacts my life and the way I turn myself around and make a certain move.

 Out of every major and minor detail in my life, looking back is the only way I can understand. ”

Whether taking a break or thinking over an argument and reminiscing about how everything happens for a reason from family, friends, to significant others it hurts,  you learn to either forgive and start over or move on for the right reasons. I know how that is. I have experienced both. I realized that I would stay with the person right for me; it won’t hurt me and it was the exact person I needed in my life at that time. Even if that person and I need a break, I learn from that. I learned that the gap is for a new beginning. That break is for patience, focus, and time to think. Soon, if the person is the right one during that time, they will return. 

If the person I am with is not the right one for me, the relationship won’t last me long and will hurt me in the end; they won’t stay forever. It happens just like that. It won’t be very comforting, but eventually, I will cope and learn from the moment.      

Turning back to who I was with and who I am now with makes me feel relieved. It just makes so much sense. The people I’ve grown apart from aren’t like me or would never fit into my life now, meaning we have changed, and that is okay. The important people that I have today and who have stuck with me for quite some time have always been there for me and can understand why I feel a certain way. 

Out of every major and minor detail in my life, looking back is the only way I can understand. 

Everything happens for a reason. I notice it, don’t you?