Jessica and her ladybugs have a fragment of my heart

Everyone receives an angel, and I believe that I have acquired mine. 

My neighbor, Jessica, passed away almost five years ago and had a love for ladybugs—a small, delicate, but vibrant beetle. Her entire being reflected a ladybug. Her personality was bright colored and energetic; she laughed and danced and felt love for everyone around her. Whenever Luke Bryan played on the radio, she sang in tune with his voice. Her clothes were unique and beautiful, and sometimes we even matched. 

Ladybugs were a part of her everyday life, she was a ladybug. Eventually, her ladybug wings took flight, and she reached heaven, but an element of her grace stuck with my family and me. 

I realized this connection on a thirty-five-minute drive home from the barn with my sister and my mom. I observed that I saw the frail creature everywhere I went, on my socks, the nail stickers I picked, and even the beetle itself. There are countless stories of a ladybug displaying its beauty in my life from when I was four years younger to now. 

The ladybug will continue to return, and my guardian angel will, too, guide me through my lifetime. 

It’s almost like Jessica is there watching over me as I make a move. I realize every moment she plays a part in my life, there is a reason behind it. She symbolizes relaxation and distracts my ongoing thoughts. As I run towards the garage, scared of a mysterious car pulling into my driveway, I observe a ladybug on the garage opener. I glance at her elegance and serenity, which diverts my mind into a calm state, forgetting about the car that soon turns around. 

My mom recently sent me a photo for inspiration with a quote that said that I need to notice the little things in life, and I do, just for Jessica. The picture in the background shows a hand with a ladybug on the tip of the finger and reminds me that someday Jessica will be there, holding my hand.  

Jessica has perfect timing and protects me like a guardian angel. The beetle that symbolizes her presence takes control of my anxious thoughts and turns them around to occupy my brain with her red color and black spots. 

Distracted, I lay out my hand for her, but the ladybug does not dare to rest on my finger, but I know that she was once like me, busy and distressed, for she was a mom of two children and had many more people to care about and for. So from a distance, she seems to be accomplishing her goals. She is a part of her own anxious thoughts, but her elytra shields her from it, just as I do. 

This ties it all together. Once in Jessica’s life, the ladybug portrays her life, and now it is my turn to take that role. We became closer each day that she was alive, and now we have become even closer. This mysterious beetle takes on a role in my life and in my heart. 

The ladybug will continue to return, and my guardian angel will guide me through my lifetime.