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Masyn Cole

Masyn Cole, Staff Writer

Masyn Cole is a junior entering her second year on The Central Trend. When Masyn isn't writing stories for The Central Trend, she loves spending time with her horses. Masyn is a competitive rider at Curtis Performance Horses and also for the FHC Equestrian Team. She competes at the regional and national levels and has two lessons a week throughout all four seasons. As for the equestrian team, she spends the beginning of the school year practicing. When Masyn isn't busy with her horse, she finds herself either dancing and singing, trying out new activities, or hanging out at home with friends, family, and her boyfriend.

Favorite song: "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals

Someone who inspires Masyn: Her trainer, Cassidy

Favorite fast food place: Culvers

The pets she has: Three snails, four fish, two dogs, two cats, and two horses

All content by Masyn Cole
Improv Team Q&As: Emily Smith

Improv Team Q&As: Emily Smith

September 14, 2021

What made you decide to join Improv? "I wanted to try something new for my senior year." What is your favorite Improv memory? "Going to Chicago for an Improv team trip." Why should FHC students...

A photo of me crying before the first day of school once again.

I wish you could see my true colors

September 8, 2021

I’m a very joyful person.  Some may think the opposite. Most people agree that I am. But do I really believe it about myself? Do I truly believe that I am what others think of me? The answer is no....

Alec Benjamin and Dream on the cover of their song Change My Clothes

Dream and Alec Benjamin’s song together “Change My Clothes” was surprising to say the least

September 6, 2021

Not long ago, YouTuber Dream and singer Alec Benjamin collaborated and released their first song together: “Change My Clothes.”  The song captured my attention when a clip was leaked on TikTok,...

A drawing of Dream in his mask with a smile

Dreams second song “Mask” provided me with mixed feelings

June 2, 2021

Not long ago, YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dream released his second song, "Mask." Specific parts of the song were released as a teaser while fans—including me—eagerly waited for Dream to release the...

Me at the pool today thinking about summer.

These are my four rules for summer vacation

June 1, 2021

A rough school year has finally come to an end. The moments of being drowned in school work have stopped. No more nights of stress; I've stayed up late studying and crying over math homework that I have...

Are You Alright? cover

Lovejoy’s song “One Day” strikes me with enjoyment

May 17, 2021

Just recently, the up-and-coming band—Lovejoy— featuring Wilbur Soot, released "One Day" as part of their newest EP Are You Alright? This indie-rock band first piqued my interest when Twitch streamer...

We became close, but now you are lost

We became close, but now you are lost

May 14, 2021

I lose and gain people in my life.  It happens too fast. It creeps up on me when I least expect it. The people that I become close with fade away, and I don’t seem to notice.  I’ve never really...

Senior Sophie Young and one of her best friends

Senior Sophie Young takes theatre to the next level by majoring in film

May 10, 2021

Senior Sophie Young has taken her dreams into her hands and is on the path to pursue her theatre career. To put it in perspective, she will be attending the University of Iowa to major in film and couldn't...

Anxiety is like a rocky flowing river

Anxiety is like a rocky flowing river

May 10, 2021

We are all given hardships for a reason.  I strongly believe that my struggle with anxiety is not only a part of me that brings me to my lowest point but a part of me that brings me up.  I suppose...

Lalos Mexican Bar & Grill in Ada, MI

Lalo’s Mexican Grill & Bar changed my perspective on Mexican food

May 3, 2021

I’ve always been picky about Mexican food. Being the way I am with Mexican food makes it less enjoyable for me; there’s no way to relish the food when it’s repeatedly the same bland foods. To...

Ned on his way to the Bahamas with me

My innumerable amount of stuffed animals keep me content

April 26, 2021

From when I was first introduced to the world until now, I have managed to endure quite a collection of various stuffed animals for my bedroom. First, there was Baby. Baby was the first stuffed “doll”...

Prior Noon is a Lowell, Michigan originated band, and this is the cover for their newest song, Catch 22

Prior Noon’s song “Catch 22” makes me anxious for summer

April 19, 2021

A local pop-country band, Prior Noon, recently released a song named “Catch 22.” The newly released song already has over 1,000 streams on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube combined. It has quickly...

We’ve been friends for seven years and many more to come: part two

We’ve been friends for seven years and many more to come: part two

April 19, 2021

I don’t remember it exactly, but it was my first horse show. You were there, sitting in the corner of your horse's stall, and Chloe introduced me to you. We talked for a while before getting ready, and...

Freshman Ava Ackerman at The Nutcracker

Freshman Ava Ackerman plays the part of her dreams in The Nutcracker

March 29, 2021

Freshman Ava Ackerman had always aspired to be in the well-known ballet production, The Nutcracker.  In fifth grade, Ava’s friend had the chance to perform in the ballet. Beforehand, her friend’s...

Chloe and I many years ago

We’ve been friends for seven years and many more to come: part one

March 26, 2021

I keep the memories of countless sleepless nights, horseback riding lessons, and vacations in my head. Nevertheless, these snapshots of our friendship's many stories collide with each other. I can't seem...

Derivakats Songs of the SMP cover

Derivakat’s album Songs of the SMP brings both emotion and clarification

March 18, 2021

In February, Derivakat released a series of songs in connection with the Dream SMP storyline; each song has specific beats and lyrics referring to various members of the SMP which is a survival multiplayer...

Me being sad because of text messages.

I don’t want to text; I want a hug

March 12, 2021

As an archetypical teenager, texting isn’t my strong suit. The prototype of “all teenagers do is text, they never talk face to face” is overused and fabricated. While some people may be more...

Wilbur Soots Im in Love with an E-Girl music video cover

I might be biased, but “I’m in Love with an E-Girl” by Wilbur Soot is a must-listen

March 1, 2021

Youtuber and Twitch streamer Wilbur Soot released the song “I’m in Love with an E-Girl” early last year. The piece first appeared on TikTok when I began cultivating an interest in various Minecraft...

a picture of me after my first time skiing

Skiing for the first time made me realize how challenging it actually can be

February 23, 2021

Skiing was never an interest of mine until I met my boyfriend, Luke. The idea of skiing never came to mind. There isn’t a reason why I didn’t want to attempt skiing. I was told by friends that when...

Roadtrip song cover

The excitement of a new beginning in the song “Roadtrip” was let down by a bad ending

February 16, 2021

Earlier this year, YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dream released the song “Roadtrip,” which features PmBata. While the song gained substantial popularity from Dream’s large following, I did not hear...

SNEAKO, Coryxkenshin, and Hannah Meloche

Whether it’s just something to watch or an inspiration, these YouTubers are the greatest choice

February 11, 2021

Sophomore Luke Brown finds himself enjoying the video games similar to those of his favorite YouTuber, famous influencer Coryxkenshin.   Coryxkenshin, a YouTuber with over 8.5 million subscribers,...

Living in the moment in my horses quiet stall without worries rushing through my head.

The silence in my head demands constant noise

February 10, 2021

A single second isolated is the cause of my thoughts swirling. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t live in the moment or sit and be still. It’s challenging for me to be in one place outside...

Glass Animals Dreamland album cover

Glass Animals’ song “Heat Waves” gave me all the feels

February 1, 2021

Recently, Glass Animals’ song “Heat Waves” has grown drastically in popularity. I remember hearing parts of the music on TikTok first, mostly because it started as a prevalent trend amongst Minecraft...

Me when I was younger in my dinosaur pajamas

My phases vary over time

January 25, 2021

As a child, I went through varied phases. These stages continue to change with age and maturity.   As I continue to grow in and out of these phases, I notice that I look back on some of them and feel...

After We Collided movie cover

After We Collided showed the highs and lows of an interesting relationship

January 18, 2021

I have never thought a relationship between two characters in a movie was annoying and cute at the same time.  Netflix’s After We Collided is a prequel that follows the first Netflix Original, After....

I have an impenetrable brawl with focusing

I have an impenetrable brawl with focusing

January 11, 2021

School is the most challenging position to be put in for someone like me. The work that is given to me at school is overwhelming. I can never sit down, relax, and pound it out for an hour. Slight distractions...

Me and my horse, Vito, and our unstoppable bond.

A connection with a horse is like a relationship with a person

December 16, 2020

I’ve never experienced a meaningful bond with a pet until I started riding horses.  A bond with a person is nothing compared to a bond with a horse. It’s almost as if I can communicate with someone...

Dolittle cured my rather uninventive taste in movies

Dolittle cured my rather uninventive taste in movies

December 9, 2020

The Universal Pictures movie Dolittle is perfect for a movie night with family.  This movie is not something I would typically choose to watch on my own. Not out of fear that the film may be frightening...

Anna Freihofer pursues her dream in film making

Anna Freihofer pursues her dream in film making

December 4, 2020

Senior Anna Freihofer was originally planning a future in business school, not knowing her path may lead her in a different direction.   For the past few years, Anna had been thinking about taking...

My picture wall grows as I do

My picture wall grows as I do

December 2, 2020

There was an empty space.  The wall in my room was blank, and now it seems to keep growing; it grows as I do.  It’s as if the pictures are vines, vines that grow and twist all over the empty...

The way thoughts can trick our minds

The way thoughts can trick our minds

November 12, 2020

There’s a rush through your body as you freeze in place. Your chest is tight, and you can’t breathe. Your mind takes over, and you begin to overthink. You start to cry and panic. You attempt to find...

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