Whether it’s just something to watch or an inspiration, these YouTubers are the greatest choice


Sophomore Luke Brown finds himself enjoying the video games similar to those of his favorite YouTuber, famous influencer Coryxkenshin.  

Coryxkenshin, a YouTuber with over 8.5 million subscribers, is a variety gamer who most commonly uploads videos of horror games. He has 8.57 million subscribers that follow within the age range of a typical high schooler. You will generally find him playing the games by himself, but he is also known for being friends with similar YouTube gamers such as POiiSED, MavAttack, and BangBangBrandon. 

While playing various genres of video games, Luke finds that some of his favorite videos on Coryxkeshin’s channel are his Spooky Scary Sunday videos—also known as SSS. These are Coryxkeshin’s reactions to scary videos sent to him by fans from Twitter that he posts every Sunday. Besides SSS, Some of Coryxkeshin’s most popular videos are playing a game known as Five Nights at Freddy’s or FNAF, a horror-themed video game regularly played by several YouTube gamers.  

I [enjoy] watching her because I think that it’s cool that she is from Forest Hills,” Kaylee said, “and that she grew up from around [this area]” ”

— Kaylee Sidebotham

“I [enjoy] that [Coryxkenshin’s] videos are chill,” said Luke, who has been watching his videos for several years now. “I [appreciate] that I can watch them while I eat.” 

Another frequent YouTube watcher, sophomore Christian Bethea, prefers taking a different approach to watching YouTubers. SNEAKO provides videos that explain events currently happening in America. He has various perspectives and varied points that most people don’t have. SNEAKO has diverse views on events because he doesn’t care about what is politically correct. SNEAKO also provides his viewers with different genres of videos such as traveling and the activities involved in that place and time.

SNEAKO has 800,000 subscribers, and his most popular video is his “is it ok to be fat” video. The footage is SNEAKO setting up the camera, asking others on a subway located in New York if “it’s ok to be fat.” 

“The video is not meant to be offensive,” Christian said. “It’s showing the point of view that the general public has on society.” 

Christian prefers SNEAKO’s videos mostly because he makes dissimilar videos to others you could find on the platform. He often leans towards videos that have real content. He first discovered SNEAKO’s channel on his own and later found himself watching numerous videos from the channel.  Christian’s most admired videos from SNEAKO are his offensive, stand-up-comedy videos. In these videos, SNEAKO goes to bars to see how far he can go with his comedic jokes until it gets offensive.

Unlike Christain and Luke, who enjoy watching influencers discussing gaming or real-world problems, senior Kaylee Sidebotham favors the more glamorous side of YouTube. She likes Hannah Meloche, a popular vlogger who is known for posting lifestyle videos.

“I [enjoy] watching her because I think that it’s cool that she is from Forest Hills,” Kaylee said, “and that she grew up from around [this area]” 

One thing Hannah and Kaylee have in common is that they both grew up in Forest Hills. Kaylee is inspired by Hannah’s motivation and determination while starting her channel. Another encouraging entity that Kaylee is also uplifted by is Hannah’s style. Hannah has an essential but rather outspoken wardrobe. Her clothing inspires others her age to be themselves and express who they are with what they wear. 

Although Kaylee, Christian, and Luke have dissimilar interests in YouTubers, they can all agree that enjoying the content gives them a sense of entertainment, no matter what the genre. 

“I [appreciate] watching SNEAKO because he makes really interesting videos,” Christian said, “and you can’t find any other videos like his on the internet.”