My picture wall grows as I do


There was an empty space. 

The wall in my room was blank, and now it seems to keep growing; it grows as I do. 

It’s as if the pictures are vines, vines that grow and twist all over the empty wall displaying memories both present and past.  

It expands with pictures of friends that I make as I extend myself toward new people and family members that I meet up with again and again, and they’ve watched me grow through the years. The wall grows larger with time of pets that I’ve gained and lost.

The friends I have made as the years go on continue to be hung up on the wall. The more people I build relationships with, the more who become close to me.

The adventurous trips I have been on and continue to go on are represented by the pictures taped up on the wall. Pictures from trips to Ohio and Kentucky for horse shows, annual family trips to Traverse City, even trips to Brody’s Be which is right near my home in Ada. 

Past horses that have brought me many wins remain on the wall. Remembrances from long ago, yet memories that will last a lifetime. 

Pictures of immediate family hung up on what once was an empty wall. Every holiday spent with them, every family trip, and every moment at home. 

Several pictures of my boyfriend are attached to the wall, as well. Photos from school dances, places we’ve been–leaving room for many more memories to be made. 

A picture can last a lifetime, and so does the memory.

This is the reason my picture wall keeps growing. I want to cherish these memories forever.

There are always more pictures to be printed and hung. 

My pictures will continue to spread like wildfire all over the painted wall that once was stark and empty.