The Spider-Man: No Way Home press tour gave us some of the best looks to close out 2021


Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, infamously known for going by just her first name, is the most iconic style icon of 2021. In 2010, when she was just fourteen, Zendaya starred in her first television appearance, and since then, she has influenced girls all across the world, spread positivity, and encouraged the good will of people. While the height of her career is arguable, I believe that right now, more people know her name than ever before. 

Zendaya has been on the silver screen for eleven years now and has played a variety of roles, such as Chani in the sci-fi film Dune all the way to Anne Wheeler in the musical/drama The Greatest Showman.

Since coming out with the Sony release of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017, and then Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019, Zendaya has been immersed in the superhero world—something unlike her roles prior. 

Her character, Michelle “MJ” Jones, is a teen girl who tends to go unnoticed by the other kids her age until Peter Parker, portrayed by Tom Holland, falls madly in love with her. Outside of the Marvel universe, people believe that these two actors have been seeing each other romantically since the first Spider-Man movie came out. 

As the third movie is scheduled to come out on December 17th, the public got to view both of their red carpet looks for the Spider-Man: No Way Home press tour.​​

Tom Holland on The Graham Norton Show (

One of the many stops was the British equivalent of Saturday Night Live, The Graham Norton Show, which hosted both Holland and Zendaya on the 10th of this month. Holland was seen wearing a monochromatic, indigo, slim-fit suit which seemed complementary to that of Zendaya’s. 

To non-Spider-Man fans, Zendaya’s emerald green, Valentino Spring 2022 suit with a bright purple undershirt might seem insignificant, but her outfit was perfectly planned. 

In 1964, Stan Lee created Norman Osborn: the Green Goblin. This villain’s main color palette is green and purple, the very same that shows up throughout Zendaya’s business casual look and glam makeup, which was put together by personal stylist Law Roach.

Zendaya on The Graham Norton Show (

While Zendaya clearly represented this villain, this was the indicator, for me, that all of her other looks had a similar theme. Another night, the actress was seen wearing an all-black, long-sleeve dress which seemed to be simple, until she turned around. The cut-out of the back had lined her spine in what looked like gold bones. While at first, I just thought the look was creative, I quickly realized how, again, this was oddly familiar. 

In 1963, Doc Ock, another Spider-Man villain, was created. Known for having robotic, octopus-like arms coming out of his back, Zendaya’s dress captured this in a shockingly elegant way.

Again, non-Marvel fans would assume this was just a piece that called Zendaya’s name, but the resemblance is too close to the fictional character. 

Zendaya in a Doc Ock inspired dress (usmagazine.come)

Starting to stray away from the antagonists of the MCU, Zendaya was also seen wearing something that simply nodded toward the arachnid element of her film. Wearing dangly spiderweb earrings, a gray, buttoned coat, and tights, this was one of my favorite looks given to us by the actress.

On her coat, the shoulders were lined with faux jewels that draped down, resembling a spider’s web. While unique and unlike anything I had seen before, the best part of her outfit was the tights.

What seemed to be black, mesh stockings were covered from her waist to the tip of her toe in the very same jewels that cover her shoulders. Acting as pants themselves, I’ve never seen anyone wear anything like this before. I’ve never been a huge fan of too much bling, but this outfit left me starstruck simply because it was individual to Zendaya and her stylist.

To compliment Zendaya, Holland was wearing what appeared to be a leather jacket, black bottoms, and leather shoes. While these two matched color palettes, the textures were completely different. 

Compared to the other days where Holland and Zendaya were complementing each other, this one was the least eye-catching. While they still looked amazing individually, together, they weren’t show stopping. 

However, one of their newest looks was the perfect combination of subtle and glam. Together, the couple managed to nod towards their film once again at the red-carpet premiere. While Holland was wearing an all-brown suit, Zendaya was wearing a beige dress with spiderweb detailing. 

Zendaya looked extremely elegant, and in the most subtle way possible, she matched the idea behind her film. My favorite thing about this actress is how she takes heavy inspiration from the events around her and makes it into fashion. 

While some people will argue that other women hold the title for most fashionable, Zendaya is a top contender, especially after her press tour. She has everyone rooting for her and Holland, romantically and stylistically.

There is nothing this woman can’t do.