Avery Koehler has been given consistency with softball


Avery Koehler

Avery (right) with her sister Riley (left).

Freshman Avery Koehler has been given the consistency of sports no matter where she is in the world. One of her sports of choice, softball, has taken her through nearly every step of her life.

“I used to play baseball for TVBL,” Avery said. “I’ve been playing [softball or baseball] since T-ball; I was like four; I’ve always played it.”

The passion she has for softball has been extended to her from her family members who also have an intense love for the sport. This includes her sister who has provided Avery with someone to practice with at home; together they bond over their appreciation for the sport.

Together the sisters took on playing their sports during the family’s move to South Carolina. There, although a lot had to change, Avery’s love for softball stayed consistent throughout.

There, although a lot had to change, Avery’s love for softball stayed consistent throughout.

“I stopped playing baseball when we moved to South Carolina and started playing softball,” Avery said. “I just decided to try softball; it was warmer [in South Carolina], so we could play more during the winter, so that was fun. Yeah, I like [softball better than baseball].”

Although the transition from baseball to softball took getting used to, it created a way to help moving from South Carolina back to Michigan go smoothly—just as smoothly as her first move. Her passion and intensity within the sport only grew.

“The first real travel team I played on was Michigan Thunder,” Avery said. “Our softball team took on another team, and we were going to make a new team, but then Storm found out we were making a new team and offered to have us come play with them. So we made a new Storm team with different coaches.”

Despite Avery’s devotion to softball, she remembers to keep a light spirit with it. Sometimes she finds listening to music to be able to help her get through the harder parts of training so intensely for a sport.

“I like listening to music,” Avery said. “I listen to whatever I like at the time. There aren’t really any specific genres. I like Adele, ABBA, Harry Styles, and Amy Winehouse [the most] right now.”

Although Avery has many ways she likes to fill the time between her practices and tournaments, such as baking, playing with her dog, Callie, and reading, she also has a passion for volleyball. 

Although she’s spent only three years with volleyball, compared to the ten plus with softball, her passion for the sport is quite prominent. However, softball will always hold a special place over any other activity.

“[Volleyball] is really fun,” Avery said. “[But] I definitely play softball more competitively, I have been playing it for longer and practice more. I do really like them both [though].”

Even though softball does give her a more competitive edge, her practices are really a place Avery looks forward to being. She enjoys everything from the training to the coaches. One notable aspect is the connections she has made within the sport. 

As mentioned before, this activity has opened up a new medium to bond with her sister over, but this has strengthened much more than only their relationship.

“I’ve [made friendships] with the girls on my team,” Avery said. “They all go to different schools, so I wouldn’t have met them if it wasn’t [for softball]. We’re not super close yet because this is only my second year with them, but we all definitely have a connection with each other.”

No matter in what area of her life, softball has made a huge impact on Avery. It has provided nothing but benefits to her and her family, especially through the tribulations of change and new experiences.

“I’ve played with a lot of different teams here and [in South Carolina],” Avery said, “but no matter where I was playing [softball] felt the same, there really wasn’t any difference which was good.”