Abby Berlin’s character development would make for the perfect Netflix show


Abby Berlin

Senior Abby Berlin keeping a smile on her face despite her senior year coming to a close

Known for her kind eyes, welcoming smile, and positive aura, senior Abby Berlin would be the perfect star for a coming-of-age blockbuster film. 

“If I had a show about myself, I think I would call it The Day-to-Day of a Struggling High Schooler,” Abby said. “My biggest stressor right now is definitely trying to decide what college I’m going to, and honestly, figuring out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life.”

With only a number of Mondays left to decide, the clapboard on Abby’s high school experience will, in the near future, close for the last time. In the fourth season of her show, mainly circling around her high school experience, Abby will have to let go of the things that have helped her find who she is today. While her film remains hypothetical, her love for her extracurricular activities is very real.

“This year, I’m doing a lot of team hobbies,” Abby said. “I did improv, which is working with around seven other kids to put on a show. I also did the play which was working with a lot of people too. And now, I’m on FHC’s ski team—I really enjoy the social aspect of things. I don’t tend to have a lot of hobbies where it’s just me; I really like interacting with everyone else.”

Abby is very supportive and is never afraid to stand by her friends. She is so dedicated in whatever she does. She also has a great laugh.

— One of Abby's closest friends, Emmalyn Holmquist

Like most TV shows about young adults, the people around Abby, whom she cherishes most, would be considered the supporting characters. Whether it be on the auditorium stage or going down the slopes, Abby finds a wide variety of people who make her life what it is.

“In my hobbies, I’ve mainly learned how to work with other people,” Abby said. “I’ve bettered my patience but also my leadership skills. I’ve also recently learned how to balance the different aspects of my life through different people.”

With the help of those around her, Abby has found her identity and main character traits through these different passions. While she might have entered high school as someone completely different, she will soon be leaving with the positive character development that any Netflix show would chase after.

“Being involved in different things is a great way to meet new people and get out of your shell,” Abby said. “My freshman and sophomore year, I didn’t do a lot of activities so I felt like I was very closed in and that I didn’t have a lot of friends. But, when I tried different things, it was an easy way to meet people and also discover different talents that I have.”

I love Abby Berlin. She is one of the funniest people you will ever meet, and she is also the most real friend I have in my life. She is down to earth with me even when it means having a tough conversation, and I truly think she makes everyone around her a better person.

— Another one of Abby's best friends, Gavin O'Meara

Now, as a newly independent adult, little acts that remind her of the freedom on its way must be what pushes her to be the best version of herself for future seasons. The only key difference between Abby and an actress is that Abby isn’t pretending—this is her real life. 

“I would say, when taking part in my hobbies or at practice, that’s when I’m most definitely myself,” Abby said. “I just feel so carefree and that I can do whatever I want.”

With different scenarios or plots circulating Abby’s life, she’s been able to remain true to who she wants to be because of those supporting characters that have helped shape her story. 

“If my teammates could describe me in a couple of words, they would probably end up saying something along the lines of me being high energy, supportive, or spontaneous,” Abby stated. “At practice, whenever someone is doing something, I always make sure to cheer them on. Especially at races, I make sure to cheer for my teammates and also congratulate them afterward.”

While looking back on her life, every day must feel like it has moved at two times speed. Here Abby is, a senior in high school, about to leave behind everything she knows. Unlike a comedy or drama show, there are no do-overs for Abby, but she’s made the best out of her stressful last semester of school. With the help of her friends and family, Abby has been blessed with a life full of moments that have made her feel like she’s in the spotlight on and off of FHC’s main stage. 

“I honestly felt like the main character this past weekend. I had my eighteenth birthday party, and it was so ratchet,” Abby joked. “There were no plates for cake, and it was gross. So, maybe for someone else it would have been considered a bad birthday party, but just those moments with my friends made it the best thing ever. All of my friends and I decorated this cake together, so it really meant something to me.”