A Valentine’s Day crash course



Hallmark is doing a little to well selling me this holiday.

As stores flood with pink and red boxes filled with candies and bouquets of roses, I can’t decide how to feel. 

In the past fifteen years of my existence, the only Valentines I have received are the usual class slips of colorful wax paper passed around class, from the children I babysit, and from my mom. However, I continue year by year to look forward to this day. Whether it’s helping a friend choose the right gift or passing Galentines around among my friends, I find so much excitement in the whole ordeal.

While this Hallmark holiday receives resentment from many of my fellow singles, I can’t help but buy into this marketing scheme.

While this Hallmark holiday receives resentment from many of my fellow singles, I can’t help but buy into this marketing scheme.

So, while I may not have someone to exchange gifts littered in my favorite colors this year, I am waiting to help those who are engaging in the task.

Gift-giving varies on relationship status. A two-month relationship warrants much less of a gift than six months or a year.

For a shorter relationship or gift-giving on a budget, flowers are a must. Flowers are a must on any budget. Preferably, those in a shade of pink, but that’s a personal preference. Receiving flowers is just an unmatched feeling, the perfect way to impress someone. I also find candies—definitely chocolate—a sweet and simple gift.

In movies, we tend to watch bears clutching hearts being traded between partners. In reality, I find stuffed animals to be a somewhat pointless gift. This piece of stuffed cloth will sit on a dresser or deep in a closet and likely be lost. But, I guess it’s whatever floats your boat. Some girl out there would be ecstatic with a stuffed puppy, just not me. 

Dinner, of any sort, is a gift all in itself. If scheduled for me, I would likely insist upon a restaurant with a dress code of at least jeans or nicer. This provides a perfect opportunity to do my hair and makeup and choose a perfect outfit. However, if a pricier dinner is out of the question, anything in the realm works. Before scheduling dinner though, make sure you survey the menu. Let’s make sure you do everything you can to avoid the awkwardness of sitting across from someone with not a single appealing option.  

To aid this idea of time over gifts, I suggest a date of some sort, maybe ice skating or as stated above, a nice dinner. However, to some, ice skating could be embarrassing—know your audience. While gift-giving may speak out to me as a major form of affection, I understand it may not to all others, so planned activities are a perfect way to spend the day. Just make sure they are planned, no one likes last-minute activity on a holiday, even a Hallmark one.

In returning to my gift-giving ideology, I’ll return to my more extravagant ideas. Yes, I understand these may sound a tad unrealistic, but most girls would be pleased with these gifts.

When approaching Valentine’s Day backed by a longer relationship, jewelry is the perfect gift to accompany flowers. My select piece would be anything from the Return to Tiffany collection. The red or pink Double Heart Pendant is suiting for the holiday, but any of the heart tags are adorable and versatile pieces. 

A piece I like less, but still, find cute, is charm bracelets from Pandora. This item carries a slightly smaller price tag and still can fit the theme of the holiday.

Sticking with the upscale theme I have chosen, my clothing suggestion would be my tried and true: Lululemon.

A Define Jacket or Scuba Hoodie—quarter or full-zip—serve as perfect gifts. I would likely enjoy most selections from this store, but for ensured success, these two hit the mark. 

While my collection of suggestions is rather lavish because nobody’s pockets are hurt by my requests except maybe my own, I feel my list is allowed. 

No matter your budget, Valentine’s Day provides the perfect time to pamper your Valentine or Galentine. Nothing more than a heartfelt note and flowers is an adequate gift. However, if you are looking to make this February extra special, I think my compilation is as close as I can get to ensure success. And, if it was for me, pink in anything is the only way to go.