The prediction of FHC’s most fashionable for summer 2023


Elsa Kehoe in a fashion forward outfit

This summer, if you are to see junior Elsa Kehoe whilst wearing jean shorts, you should probably turn in the other direction. 

“I don’t wanna see a lot of tattered jean shorts,” Elsa said. “I don’t wanna see a lot of Birkenstocks. I’m kind of over this ‘I wear an oversized t-shirt to the beach and Birkenstocks,’ I’m over it.”

This laid-back, more relaxed type outfit Elsa feels could be easily replaced and elevated by more classic shapes and neutral colors. 

Junior classmate Sam Wordhouse, however, has a more specific worry for this summer’s coming fashion.

“I would say I’m least looking forward to seeing my brothers in the Sperry boat shoes,” Sam said. “They’re super dated and make anyone who wears them look like a chuegy millennial frat alumni.” 

I would say I’m least looking forward to seeing my brothers in the Sperrys boat shoes. They are super dated and make anyone who wears them look like a chuegy millennial frat alumni.

— Sam Wordhouse

If these Sperry boat shoes are your usual go-to, a few options Sam has to achieve a less ‘chuegy millennial frat alumni’ aesthetic are New Balance 550s, Nike Dunks, and Chuck Taylor Converse which we have already been seeing throughout the year. 

Shoes for Elsa are a trickier battle, as she feels the cultural disgust with having your feet showing makes it difficult to wear true summer shoes. 

“Shoes,” Elsa said. “Shoes are hard because I feel like recently everyone is against toes, but recently we’re kind of moving back into the Sandals Era. So I would definitely predict a lot of sneakers, but also definitely I think we’re gonna start to see sandals again.”  

Many of the students at FHC predict that linens will be the main fabric of the summer. Given their lightweight and moveable fit, as well as their neutral tones and easy pairing ability, this versatile piece is a closet staple as we transition from spring to summer. 

For Junior Carlee Cummings, linens are the perfect way to elevate your style this summer.

“I think one of the biggest fabrics we are going to see this summer is linens,” Carlee said, “especially with pants. One example would be flowy linen pants which I think are super in and are super different from a lot of what else I see. I think they really elevate people’s outfits.”

Sam agreed and said, “If I were a betting man—which I am—I would predict a lot of Linen-ware this summer since it’s super lightweight and seems to be making a comeback.”

These linen predictions coexist with neutral tones which all three of these students agreed upon. This will also help achieve a classier, simpler aesthetic they all seem to be predicting this soon approaching summer.

“I think that very neutral coloring clean girl aesthetic-Sophia Richie outfits will be very popular this summer,” Carlee said. “I think a lot less super cropped shirts and more modest and neutral pieces.”

It seems the recent ‘royal wedding’ of sorts will have a vast impact on street and summer wear this season, as Elsa also mentioned her prediction of its impact on fashion. 

“Whites and creams,” Elsa said. “Well, the Sophia Richie wedding was huge and it’s gonna influence the whole summer, I think. So, creams, neutrals, earthy tones. I don’t think we’re gonna see very much black. Maybe at night a little bit, but not a lot. Possibly even red. I’ve seen a lot of red.”

Continuing along with mirroring the ‘Sophia Richie look’ as accurately as the average person is able to do, many attributed this look to the ‘old-money’ aesthetic.

This more classic, possibly East Coast-influenced style is predicted to be on the come up.

“Men’s fashion has already started to go towards the ‘old money’ aesthetic,’” Sam said. “I hate calling it that but don’t really know what else you would call it; pretty much just higher-end vintage golf brands like Polo and Lacoste. I could see women’s fashion going down a similar route.” 

Continuing on with the predictions for men’s fashion, Carlee and Sam agree, as Carlee expects to see the same high-end style as Sam.

“For men’s fashion,” Carlee said, “I feel like we are probably gonna see a lot of neutrals too, a more old money aesthetic, not very logo-ey or flashy.”

Elsa agrees with Sam and Carlee, however, she is slightly conflicted as she is also looking forward to a more flowy vibe that she tends to find in brands like Free People.

“I’m between two aesthetics right now,” Elsa said. “I really love that more east coast style with that kind of more old money fashion style being more conservative almost. But I also really love the Free People, super flowy, free-spirited, movement clothes instead of constricting with harsh lines. I love that too.” 

As you have heard here, the students of FHC agree on a classic, stylish summer. Keep a lookout for Sam post-school, and you may just see his jean shorts (jorts) as Sam said, “I’m most excited to break out the homemade jorts this summer.”