Starbucks’ new Baya Energy drinks were not what I wanted from an energy drink


Alex Smith

The Starbucks energy drink cans-one appealing, one not so much

I have never had an energy drink. I have had sugary drinks and sodas, but never an energy drink. Starbucks recently came out with two new flavors of their Baya Energy drinks. Given my love for Starbucks and my curiosity over a drink I’ve never had, it was a given to me that I needed to try the drinks.

The two new flavors are Raspberry Lime and Mango Guava. I am a fan of all those flavors, so I figured that this would be a very successful attempt at a new drink.

Raspberry Lime

I was shocked when I took my first sip of this drink. I knew that it was carbonated, but I didn’t remember until I drank some. The flavor hit me a second later, and it was surprisingly delicious. It didn’t taste sour like limes or sweet like raspberries, but it was something in between.

There was a little bitterness to the drink, but it was the perfect mix between sour and sweet. I love lime flavored things, and limes in general, so I wanted to get a lot of lime flavor out of this drink. I didn’t feel as though it tasted like limes or raspberries.

I can’t quite name the flavor that I tasted, but it wasn’t unsatisfactory. I wish there was more to it. More lime or raspberry, though I’d prefer lime.

I do not recommend this drink, but if you want a pretty can to put flowers in, this is the one.”

— Alex Smith

I enjoyed this drink very much, and it was a splendid first experience. I enjoyed the flavor, although I can’t quite place it, and the carbonation wasn’t off-putting, instead it was welcoming.

The color of the can this drink came in was a little bright for my taste. I realize that it is supposed to represent the color of raspberries, but the pink was unappealing. I know the color of the can doesn’t reflect the drink, however, it was not helping.

Mango Guava

I expected good things from this drink. I love mangoes, and guava is usually a flavor I enjoy, so put them together and it should taste amazing, right? Nope. Like the first drink, I can’t quite describe the taste. I got a hint of mango. Not artificial mango flavoring, but real mangoes. It was weird because I’ve never experienced drinking the taste of a mango. That’s what it felt like I was doing.

I could taste the guava too, but it didn’t go well with the mango. I had high hopes for two flavors I love combined, but no such luck. I had a couple of my friends try the drink, and we were pretty much all in agreement that it was not appetizing.

The two flavors didn’t go well together, and I didn’t appreciate the way the carbonation mixed with the flavor. I feel that the bubbles brought out more of the taste, and that is not what I wanted because I didn’t like the taste.

The color of the can on this one was really pretty. This time it was meant to reflect the mango, and it was a gorgeous orange. I am not a fan of the color orange, but mango is my favorite shade. I do not recommend this drink, but if you want a pretty can to put flowers in, this is the one.

Although these are labeled as energy drinks—and they say on the can that they contain caffeine—I got no energy boost after consuming them. Mind you, I had two in an hour due to the need to write this article, but I am still exhausted. I would prefer to drink coffee over these drinks. Even though I enjoyed the raspberry lime flavor, I want to get energy from an energy drink, and it didn’t happen.