Coachella 2022 might have been the most electrifying event of the year, but the outfits were a snooze-fest


My favorite fashion events of the year are tied between New York Fashion Week and the Met Gala but, coming shortly after would surprisingly be Coachella. While the other two events are organized for models and successful adults in the fashion world, this music festival gives every day people a chance to show off too.

While influencers aren’t exactly your average-joe, going to this event means you could most definitely bump into one at every corner. Personally, I have high expectations for this event—some influencers showed up in their best attire while others couldn’t keep up.

As much as I hate beauty influencer and cosmetologist James Charles for all of his controversies throughout the years, I did have big expectations for his looks. His day one look, a mix of green and brown fabrics coming together to create a matching set, was something I would contemplate wearing. The overwhelming downside was that the outfit looked like a skimpier version of a Disney parade’s ensemble. 

I honestly thought that James’s outfits couldn’t get any worse considering this was the baseline. But, I was proven wrong a thousand times over again. One of my favorite kinds of art pieces is inspired by heat being given off from the body—James Charles ruined this for me. His morph suit-looking outfit was high coverage, not something you usually see at a music festival, but it was atrocious in so many other ways. Rumors surrounding his plastic surgery was definitely shown off in this outfit—it’s almost like he tried too hard.

James Charles’s horrendous outfit that looked like a Halloween costume

I’m not sure what James was thinking or why his pose of friends were going to let him out of the house like that. As a life of an influencer that is frequently the butt of the joke, he should be extra careful to not embarrass himself. This outfit is beyond explanation, you just have to see how awful it is for yourself. Thanks James for teaching the public to not wear Halloween costumes to Coachella.

From 2019 VSCO girl to 2022 style icon, Emma Chamberlain had close to, if not already, perfect outfits which I would admit being because of our similar opinions. If you know me, I truly believe platform Doc Martens go with every single outfit imaginable and I’m so glad that Emma incorporated this into her look. However, I’m not exactly following the story or inspiration behind this outfit, but maybe that’s the point—to make you think. The snake-skin one piece, the utility looking belt, and her shoes—I was mesmerized by the oddity she had created.

Again, one of my favorite things to wear is tall shoes and a short ambiance on the top. Emma obviously was following this rule to make herself appear taller. Being five feet and four inches tall, her outfit made it seem like she was towering over everyone else at the festival. 

The back of Emma Chamberlain’s outfit for Coachella day 2

I honestly think her belt was overkill only because it didn’t make sense nor did it match with the rest of her outfit’s color palettes. I honestly think she could pull it off simply because of who she is. Nonetheless, this outfit was better than most that were thrown together last minute. This was a little on the simpler side, and I was excited to see more from her.

Emma quickly understood the assignment. Her all red outfit was everything I had been waiting for and met my high expectations like a glove. The mix of materials and different hues of the same color was so stunning. I honestly think that this outfit is still on the every day side of Emma’s wardrobe, but I can’t be upset. While it wasn’t traditional festival wear, there’s honestly nothing to complain about. I’m a sucker for matching accessories and Emma continued to give in that area too. Between the fuzzy crop top, cargo pants inspired skirt, red leather bag, platform cowboy boots, and white sunglasses, this outfit exceeded every single genre of young fashion.

While Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner weren’t at Coachella for a wild weekend like most other famous names, they were there to support their significant others. While Justin Bieber performed on Friday night, April 15th, Hailey made sure to make an appearance. Matching with her guest Kylie, they were both wearing oversized leather jackets and jeans. Hailey was definitely giving 1990’s fashion with her low-rise pants, layered necklaces, braided hairstyle, jacket, and sneakers. 

Hailey Bieber’s makeup and hair to watch her husband perform

While her outfit was surprisingly simplistic, I honestly loved it mainly because of her reasoning for being at the festival in the first place. While a lot of celebrities were wearing over the top costumes that makes me think of Coachella in the first place, just Hailey coming out for the night to support her husband is shown through this outfit. It isn’t the most stunning outfit I’ve seen by her, but it’s humbling in a way I didn’t know she nor Kylie had in them.

There’s a fine line between too casual, too dressy, and just perfect. James Charles was a fail; Ema Chamberlain was perfect; Hailey Bieber was bordering too casual; Sabrina Carpenter overdid it again.

In my last story about the Nickelodeon Kids’s Choice Awards, I used a lot of words and instances on why Sabrina should not be dressing the way she does to events—she always misses the mark. It doesn’t matter where she’s going, she’s always dressed like she’s on her way to her first high school Homecoming. For this look, she’s actually upgraded to her high school Prom. 

Sabrina Carpenter’s outfit that I can’t even look at

Her dress looks like something I tried on in Windsor but put back because I found something better. I always have a hard time supporting this woman’s fashion sense because it isn’t, it’s only nonsense. I loosely believe in a time and a place for certain outfits, but Sabrina needs to take this more seriously. Why is she wearing dress and tie for Coachella but not this theme for the appropriate events throughout the year?

How can I say in the kindest way possible that Dixie D’Amelio’s outfit for Coachella sucked, because it did. Everything that I have said so far has blown up in my face with this outfit. The Doc Martens look like trashy cowboy boots and the lowrise jeans are painfully plain. I can’t even decide if the vest and bra combo is worse or the pink hair and sparkly cowboy hat. She looks just as cringy as she acts and did nothing to help her case. 

Overall, cowboy boots have been on every foot at Coachella; some influencers did a better job than others to portray the unspoken trend of Western chic. I honestly think Coachella this year was a disappointment strictly because there was either too much effort or not enough from person to person. While Coachella has always been a dream destination for me, these outfits are not inspiring. Everyone should take tips on what not to do for future music festivals.