Tennis is more than a match to Noah Moore


Noah Moore

Noah jumping for a hit

Since freshman year, senior Noah Moore has been experiencing high school through the lens of a tennis player.

“My dad played tennis in college, and I wanted to do a fall sport freshmen year,” Noah said, “so I figured I’d give it a shot. I have made some new friends and formed relationships with coaches that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Noah sees tennis as more than just a match, for the sport has given him new friendships and new life lessons that he’ll carry with him forever. Out of all the things he’s learned, tennis is a sport of patience and a lot of teamwork. 

“Be patient with people,” Noah said, “some people don’t understand things or get things right away, and that’s fine.” 

While tennis has given Noah many opportunities, it isn’t the only thing he will take away with him from FHC. The FHC community has supported Noah and made an impact on his high school experience; his friends have been a big part of that, as they all show up as a group to support him–that is what Noah will miss most.

“One of my favorite memories at FHC is being able to spend every day with my friends,” Noah said. “Going to football games is an example of this; it’s a night of hanging out with friends and having fun.”

Do as much as you can to be involved. You only have one chance to be a senior, and everything about it is fun.

— Noah Moore

As Noah spends his last few weeks in the halls and on the tennis court, the end of high school is drawing near, but he’s not going to forget those who have been there for him and have watched him grow as a student, teammate, and person.

“I was able to grow as a player over four years,” Noah said. “It was fun to see myself get better every season. I am going to miss the experience. I was only on varsity for one season, so I only got to experience the overnights and state tournament one time.”

Not only will Noah miss his friends here but he’ll also be saying goodbye to tennis, although not forever. No matter what, he’ll have plenty of memories to cherish throughout the rest of his life. And as he continues to finish off his senior year and his tennis season, Noah’s family will have been right beside him through it all. 

“My family has come to every tennis match I’ve played in,” Noah said. “Their commitment to come and support me has been my motivation to get better at the sport.” 

Both tennis and high school have become a part of who Noah is, and nothing can change that. Although there are ups and downs to playing a sport and being a student, Noah has managed to push through all of that and find a sport that he values and puts forth his time and love for.

Along with living his best senior year with the friendships, he’ll carry with him wherever he goes, Noah advises the incoming seniors to try to do everything they can, as being a senior in high school doesn’t last forever. 

“I will miss everyone,” Noah said. “Leaving the people I see every day will be hard to do, but I am excited to have a fresh start. I think I did everything that I wanted to do without hesitation. Do as much as you can to be involved. You only have one chance to be a senior, and everything about it is fun.”