As seniors reflect on their senior year, they celebrate

Various favorite memories of the seniors I talked to.

Rylie Beatty, Logan Verlinde, Tyler Molenda

Various favorite memories of the seniors I talked to.

In a hotel in Chicago, senior Logan Verlinde spent several nights sleeping under a desk covered by a single sheet. This is one of his fondest memories from his senior year.

“[For] improv, we went to Chicago—all of us,” Logan said, “—and we were there for two nights, three days, and it was so chaotic at times. We had to share a hotel room with five guys, and I slept on the floor underneath the desk with a single sheet. The room smelled [awful], and it was hot. We asked our improv coach, John Donovan, if we could go get some Febreze that night, and he said no because we couldn’t leave the hotel, so we just opened the windows, sprayed one of the girl’s perfume in there, and tried to sleep. So many memories were made on that trip.”

Logan took a stab at theater this year and made the improv team. This, along with being in the musical, created many memories that he will forever cherish. Theater is not something Logan imagined himself doing, but once he started, he couldn’t imagine life without it.

Joining the theater program was one of the many activities Logan filled his free time with this year. He wanted to do as much as he could because he would never have a chance to do it once he graduated. Logan warns upcoming seniors to take part in all that they can.

“I would say try to get involved as much as you can [your senior year],” Logan said. “Do every school related thing that you can because it’s going to be gone before you know it. It feels like just yesterday I was walking through the band doors on the first day of school, ready to start my senior year. But now, it’s all over. I’ve done so much this year, and it was really overwhelming at times, but I’m so glad I did all of it because it was so much fun.”

Senior Rylie Beatty reflects on her last four years at FHC and notices how far she has come.

“I think I’ve found myself,” Rylie said. “During COVID-19, [I was] able to break out of my shell and talk to new people. I’ve definitely made a lot more friends and strengthened a lot of friendships, which is cool to look back on. In ninth grade, I had my little group of friends, and now I can talk to a lot of different people.”

Making new friends is something that often happens during high school; however, it is also something that happens in college.

‘Do every school related thing that you can, because it’s going to be gone before you know it. It feels like just yesterday I was walking through the band doors on the first day of school, ready to start my senior year. But now it’s all over.’”

— Logan Verlinde

In college, students enter a whole new environment, sometimes with nobody they know nearby. Meeting new people and getting accustomed to the environment is a natural part of college that Logan is ready for.

“[I’m looking forward to] the opportunities to meet new people and start the next chapter in my life,” Logan said. “It’s going to be a big change, and I’ve got to make the best of it, do my best at [Michigan State University], and meet some new friends in my classes so I can do well after that.”

Emotions for seniors are running high right now. They are about to leave their school of four years, their homes, and some are even leaving their state or their country. It’s a lot to handle, and they feel many different ways about departing from their current lives.

Senior Tyler Molenda is looking to the freedom that college provides.

“It feels really nice [to be graduating],” Tyler said. “I’m a little sad, but it’s nice.”

Logan has been reflecting on all of the people that he knows and all of the memories that he has made.

“It’s sad because we’re leaving,” Logan said. “It’s coming to an end really quick, and there’s a lot of people I’m probably never going to see again and a lot of memories that are just going to be memories.”

Although there are reasons to be sad about graduation, the seniors are already looking forward to the opportunities that college provides.

They are ready to move on with their lives and create a place for themselves in the world. They are prepared for what college has to offer and what it is going to be.

 “[I’m looking forward to] getting out of Michigan,” Rylie said. “I’m only going to Indiana, but it’s far enough away, and nobody here is going, so [I’m ready] to have a new start.”

Although Michigan is where Rylie went to high school, she is ready to move on from this place and figure out who she is as an individual on her own.

Tyler is ready to be his own person and make his own decisions too.

“I am most looking forward to freedom,” Tyler said.