The awe-inspiring messages shared at FHC Inspires prove the vitality of students’ voices


A group photo of the students involved in FHC Inspires 2022

As I settled into the cool oasis the auditorium provides from a hazy Michigan May, I was brought to peace by a familiar concoction of shaky excitement and unwavering positivity. When I witnessed the most confident walk on to stage from Paige Harsevoort as she began her creative talk about shower thoughts, an even more intense feeling of tranquility, hope, and enthusiasm washed over me. 

With an open mind ready to witness the first full run-through of FHC Inspires 2022, I began an hour and thirty minutes of sitting in a silent astonishment of Honors English 10 teacher Ken George’s students. 

On May 31, 2022, the Fine Arts Center stage lights will dim at 7 p.m., allowing for the highly anticipated fourth annual production of FHC Inspires to commence. Although the pressure and expectations for this year are astronomical, it is obvious that every individual involved is ready to uphold the reputation of this show. 

Each aspect of this performance was thoughtfully planned, and although I feel compelled to outline in detail how incredible every individual involved truly is, I will gladly share exquisite representations of every genre of excellence this show provides.  

The masterminds behind this production, student directors Kiera Kemppainen and Emmy Willemin have catapulted the show into a new plane of individuality and cohesiveness. Thanks to their patience and positivity, every aspect of the show is unique to their talents and the personalities of the speakers. 

Along with the maturity behind the production team, each talk I witnessed proved how much high schoolers really have to say, and how absolutely life-changing our perspectives can be. As Millie Alt outlined who she was, and Jia Niemeyer expressed the harm of assumptions, I felt my perspective on the world change, and my connection to them both grow. 

Along with the maturity behind the production team, each talk I witnessed proved how much high schoolers really have to say, and how absolutely life-changing our perspectives can be.

Passion, of course, kept this show on track, and each speaker clearly had a strong devotion to their topic, each individual represented this in a unique way. Molly O’Meara kept my eyes glued to the stage, and her obvious and fierce dedication to ASL intensely ignited mine, and as Hayden Bolter and Andrew Shier spoke I could’ve sworn they had studied their topics for years and had given their talk in front of hundreds of people before. 

Even more, the transparency and honesty of these sophomores make this show the striking spectacle that it is. Eva VanTil gave life-changing advice by sharing her story, Iman Hammad vitally educated me through anecdotes about her hijab, and Olivia Oorbeck’s telling of her journey to find her passion for makeup genuinely has me making plans to find and pursue my calling in life. 

However, as much as I intently thought, I also laughed. Nathaniel Hahn kept a smile on my face throughout his entire talk and had me wondering how these speakers continuously come up with such creative topics, he was followed by Sofia Hargis-Acevedo who delivered a message everyone needs to hear sandwiched in between her charismatic delivery and hilarious point of view.

I feel genuinely lucky to be a part of a community that generates and nurtures such intelligent, creative, and passionate individuals. If this show encapsulates one main message it’s hope, because a world with the prospect to be impacted by such intentional thinkers is one that can be prepared to be positively changed in every way. 

With all things considered, there is, without a doubt, something in this production for everyone. Yet again, this show will not fail to impress, elevate mindsets, and change lives.