Fingernails are a small insight to someone’s whole personality

a collage of nail designs and colors

a collage of nail designs and colors

Nails are made from keratin or skin appendages, which can also be found in your hair. Coincidentally, both of these body parts are painted to fit the comfort of a person. 

It is ever so common to see a diverse set of color popping on both male and female nails. While you may not double back, stare, and undergo a feeling of pride or confidence, the person with the nail is typically walking with their head held slightly higher and flashing their nails whenever the chance arises. 

I feel like it is a money hole; however, the feeling of getting a fresh set of nails is cleansing and satisfying. It feels like a reset to my life.

— Junior Letizia Cumbo-Nacheli

I have been getting my nails painted since I was a small girl, who was utterly fixated on Dora, The Explorer. It started with watching my mom paint her own nails, then her painting my nails, to learning how to paint my own. I didn’t have any particularly strong feelings towards my nails back in my Dora era; now, after I paint my nails or my grandpa takes me to get them professionally done, I swell with confidence. 

In my eyes, my grandpa is a powerful and important man. He is well over six foot and started and supported a family while in his young and typically reckless years, which led to him moving to Grand Rapids and plunging into the business world. He made Kraft Business Systems a reality and can now spoil me and take me to get my nails done nearly any time I ask. 

I feel really happy and put together when I get my nails done.

— Junior Hannah Levering

It’s our thing. 

Unsurprisingly, my grandpa and I don’t have much in common. Getting our nails done and talking about work, school, sports, and every other topic is our way to stay close. I cherish each outing; I come out feeling as powerful as I view him. 

Painting nails is a power move. It’s a statement, albeit a small one, which is the appeal. This seemingly unnoticeable change has the capability to alter the way people perceive themselves and may not be as unnoticed as previously thought. On average, someone will look at your hands five to fifteen times in an hour, so about one class period. Your small nails decorated with a plain color or an intricate design are noticed or glanced at up to ninety times in one school day. I notice my own nails far more than that, and considering I need to repaint mine at the moment, it is more than slightly alarming. 

I like to get my nails done because it allows me to express my creativity in different ways and lets me try different things without having to change much.

— Olivia Oorbeck

The compliments that can pour in when you enhance your nail design or innovative color are an ego boost for sure, and proof that your peers are eyeing your hands. Your fingers give you the opportunity to be audacious and show more of your personality. Nails are a paltry part of your organism in the grand scheme of things, but too many people—including myself—are the most defined aspect of your person. 

I like having my nails done because it makes me feel more put together.

— Sophomore Ellyana Teliczan

My clothes are basic, but my nails match the season, my feelings, and me as a whole.  

Fingernails are more than keratin; they gift people aplomb and significance in a world where we are dragged through unoriginality and absurdity. These skin appendages also lead to power seemingly flowing through me; suddenly I can compare myself to my grandpa. Our tradition of going to get a mani-pedi transforms my confidence and brings me closer to my grandpa.