Don’t let the breeze carry you away like it has with the others


My current favorite song

They’re like a song that I used to sing. I knew every word. I loved that song for a long time. But then a new one came, and the old song flitted away into a distant memory.

Right now, you’re my new song. You’re the best one yet, and you pushed all of the past songs out of my head. Right now, you’re the one I sing over and over. You’re the one that I play on repeat so I can memorize every part.

New songs last for a week, two tops. But then, they float away as the breeze carries in a fresh one. I slowly forget the words. Then, the tune fades away. Suddenly, all I remember is the title. Sometimes even that goes.

My mind blocks out old songs. I keep them in a file in the back of my head, never meant to be accessed again. I don’t want to remember those parts of my life. I don’t want to remember the old songs. Remembering hurts, and I yearn to keep them in the past.

But sometimes I hear a faint tune, or a whisper of a note and all the songs come rushing back.”

But sometimes I hear a faint tune or a whisper of a note and all of the songs come rushing back. I wonder why they left. Why did the breeze take them away? Why, why, why.

I wish they could have stayed. I wish I could recall all of the words, or the tune, or even the title of the ones buried so far back I can’t remember them.

Maybe if I can’t remember, I wasn’t supposed to. I was supposed to forget those songs to become who I’m meant to be. That doesn’t stop that hurt that can come flooding back, but dealing with that hurt makes me stronger.

Right now, I know all of the words that belong to you. I know your tune and your melody. I know you. You have secrets too. Parts of your melody that I don’t know and words sung too fast for me to grasp. But I love those parts of you just as much as the rest. I love the hidden secrets and the outspoken, open parts too. I love you.

Please don’t be an old song. I want you to be my favorite song forever. I want you to be the one I hold onto when I need to be happy. The song I play when I’m feeling down. Nobody can take that song away. So please, don’t let anybody take you away. You’re my favorite song, and I never want to replace you with a new one.