Two out of the three new smoothies from Jamba Juice didn’t give me what I wanted


The three smoothies I got from Jamba Juice

I probably go to the mall too much mainly because I love the mall. To be fair I don’t usually spend much money there; I just love to window shop and walk around with my best friend. So, when I saw that Jamba Juice came out with three new smoothies—and that there’s a Jamba Juice at the mall—I just knew that I had to try them. I can get behind any excuse to go to the mall.

In addition to being in love with the mall, I also love smoothies. They always make me feel very refreshed, and they make me think of warm weather.

I have never tried Jamba Juice before, so after being able to experience the place, I honestly can’t say whether or not I would go back. It would depend on the type of smoothie I was getting because I wasn’t too thrilled with a couple of the smoothies I tried

Pumpkin Smash

Fall is my favorite season, and—aside from chai—pumpkin is my favorite flavor. So, of course, I was excited about this smoothie. However, I assumed it would taste like vegetables, and not like what pumpkin tastes like at places like Starbucks.

I was pleasantly surprised.

When I took my first sip, I was very confused. It didn’t taste anything like I had imagined it would. It was almost like someone had blended a piece of pumpkin pie and put it in a cup. Despite how unappetizing that sounds, it was very delicious.

Then I thought ‘huh that’s not that bad.’ I waited a few seconds and realized that, yes, it was that bad.

In my head, I was transported to Thanksgiving dessert. I could picture a piece of pumpkin pie as I was drinking the smoothie. My best friend hates pumpkins, but even she loved this drink. Out of the three we tried, it was her favorite, as well as mine.

I do think that $6.89 is kind of expensive for a small smoothie, but if you like pumpkin pie and you have seven dollars to spare, this smoothie is a good choice for you.

Watermelon Breeze

I was the most excited about this smoothie. I love watermelon. It reminds me of summer and, given the cold weather we’ve had recently, I could use a little reminder of summer.

Much to my displeasure, however, I could taste absolutely no watermelon. All I could taste was pineapple. It wasn’t that bad because I do enjoy pineapple, but I was expecting watermelon, so I was definitely disappointed.

I did not get transported back to summer as I had hoped I would, and unfortunately, I was still in the mall. I enjoy food and drinks more when they take me somewhere else, so I was not pleased with this smoothie.

As we walked through the mall, I kept drinking this smoothie, and eventually, it did grow on me more. I got over the lack of watermelon, and I started to like it. However, I wouldn’t get it again, because I wasn’t that impressed. I would have preferred more flavors than pineapple. Especially if one of those flavors was watermelon like it was advertised.

The Go Getter

I knew from the second I ordered this smoothie that I wasn’t going to like it. I mean, it’s got kale in it. But I underestimated how much I wouldn’t like it.

The first thing I noticed was that it was very, very cold; like unnaturally cold. Then I thought ‘huh, that’s not that bad.’ I waited a few seconds and realized that, yes, it was that bad. It tasted the way the composter in my backyard smells, and I refuse to go to the composter in my backyard because it smells terrible.

It reminds me of the people on Tik Tok that work out every day and eat really healthy. It also dissuaded me from ever being like those people if I have to drink things like this smoothie often.

I was hoping that I would be able to taste mango because that would make the smoothie a little better, but unfortunately, the only flavor I could taste was kale.

I actually bought another drink just to get the taste of this one out of my mouth. If kale, matcha, mango, and vegetables are your thing then go for it, but otherwise, I wouldn’t touch this smoothie.