The colors of my sky never fail to distract me from the gray


The picture that made me think about what colors inspire my life

The sky is blue. The clouds are pink. Together, it’s purple. Somehow, there’s orange and there’s yellow as well. It’s two things: the sky and the clouds, but there are so many colors.

I’m like the sky. I’m one thing, one color, I’m me. I also have clouds. I have beautiful, bright, colorful clouds. They add a spark to me, they make me more beautiful. They change my color, and they make me something completely different.

But I also have gray clouds. They make me darker, they make me lose my color, but like gray clouds in the sky, they eventually go away. Some stay for a long time, longer than they are welcome, but eventually, there are glimmers of pink, yellow, and orange. The gorgeous colors take over the gray, and I’m me again. I have so many colors. More than I deserve.

I have pink. Pink is my favorite one. Pink is the one that’s always there. Every morning, every night, without fail there’s pink. It’s the most beautiful color in my sky, and I look to it for hope. It reminds me that bad things can get better. It reminds me that there’s beauty in the world. Pink takes away some of my blue to make it purple, and that takes a little weight off my shoulders. Pink is everything I could ever need. Pink is the color that I stare at the most. It’s the one I love the most. My pink is my everything.

I have purple. Purple is the blue mixed with my pink. I couldn’t have the purple without the pink. Purple is serene. Purple gives me peace of mind. Purple helps me and pink. It makes us more beautiful than we are by ourselves. I would be significantly less myself if I didn’t have purple. I wouldn’t be able to fend off my gray clouds without my purple ones, so thank you, purple, for bringing out the beauty in pink and the beauty in my blue. Thank you for fighting my gray.

I have orange too. Orange isn’t there all the time, and that’s okay because when orange is there, I take comfort in the fact that for just a little while, I can be less blue. The orange takes away from me, and I appreciate it. It gives me a second to breathe and focus on something else. It gives me time to re-think myself and relax. Orange comes around once in a while, and I look forward to the next time I see it.

I have beautiful, bright, colorful clouds. They add a spark to me, they make me more beautiful.”

Yellow is the color I see the least. It’s the one that I look at the most, when it comes around. I will forever look forward to seeing yellow because it symbolizes change. When yellow comes around, things are different. Things will get better. I haven’t seen yellow in a long time, but I know that it’s coming. I know that someday soon, I will look up and there will be yellow shining through the gray. I can’t wait for the yellow to come. I miss it.

Unfortunately, I see gray quite often. Most days, there is at least one gray cloud in my sky, but it never lasts for long. Even on the days when the gray clouds are all I can see for miles, I know that my other colors will come. I know that if I stick it out for a little longer—if I just keep looking for a little longer—I will start to see pink, purple, orange, and yellow. If I just wait a little longer, the gray will go away and my sky will be gorgeous again.

I spend a lot of time looking at the sky. I spend a lot of time obsessing over the colors that blend together to make one beautiful masterpiece that I can’t take my eyes off of. I love the sky so much, and I know that all of the colors in my sky will stick around for me to see when I have gray. I know that they’ll always be there, so I will continue to keep my head toward the sky.