Dairy Queen’s fall blizzard menu did give me an air of fall, but not as much as I would like


The four fall blizzards I reviewed from Dairy Queen; two of them are new, two of them are returning

I clearly love Dairy Queen. This is my third review of Dairy Queen products, and I don’t see myself deciding not to review more in the future. The issue with loving Dairy Queen, however, is that I am lactose intolerant, and every time I eat ice cream, I feel like I’m being stabbed in the stomach with a knife. It’s worth it.

So, when I was scouring the internet and I saw an ad for six new Dairy Queen blizzards—well, technically three are new, three are returning—I knew that it was my duty to go and try them.

I picked four of the six blizzards—two new ones and two returning ones—to try. I picked them mostly based on which ones I thought I would prefer.

I was very excited to try these blizzards. They all sounded very appetizing, and I couldn’t wait to try the cool, tasty treat despite the fact that it was freezing outside.

Cinnamon Roll Center Blizzard

Okay, hear me out. I love cinnamon rolls usually. If they aren’t too sweet, then I will eat them. But, this blizzard was the exact opposite of what I wanted.

The first thing I noticed after I took my first bite was the pieces of a cinnamon roll. I usually like it when there are pieces of food incorporated into ice creams, such as Oreos or candy pieces, but this was not good. The pieces were very chewy and, honestly, they didn’t taste like a cinnamon roll. They were kind of off-putting, and I will be steering clear of cinnamon rolls for a while.

But I decided that Oreos are worth it, so I sucked it up and ate the chocolate anyway.”

The next thing—the ice cream. It literally tasted like nothing. I expected some cinnamon, nutmeg, or literally any spice, but no. It was literally just boring ice cream. I was not a fan. I wanted more, but there was nothing more to give.

This blizzard was very disappointing. I didn’t have very high hopes to begin with, but it didn’t even reach my low standards.

Snickers Brownie Blizzard

I can’t tell you why I picked this blizzard. I don’t even like Snickers, so I have no clue why I thought this would be a good idea. But, it was on my list so I ordered it.

I first noticed the Snickers bites that were in the ice cream because there were a lot of them. And I mean a lot. And they were very large pieces. It was a little hard to eat because I was constantly chewing Snickers pieces. But, despite that, if you like Snickers, I suppose that you would enjoy the fact that there are a lot of Snickers.

Because of the large quantity of Snickers, I thought that there would also be a large number of brownie chunks. But there were not. I forgot that this was a Snickers brownie blizzard because I literally did not get any brownie pieces. I don’t like brownies either—another reason to wonder about why I picked this blizzard—but if I was told that I was going to get brownies, I was expecting the brownies.

However, even without the brownies, this ice cream was very, very sweet. I mean, it almost hurt to eat it, that’s how sweet it was. It might have been because there was caramel, chocolate, ice cream, and Snickers bites—scratch “might have,” that’s definitely why—but I didn’t appreciate it at all.

Oreo Hot Cocoa Blizzard (returning)

I was the most excited about this one. Oreos are one of my favorite foods, and I can almost never turn them down. So, I obviously had to get the blizzard that involved Oreos. The only downside is that the ice cream is chocolate, and I hate chocolate. But I decided that Oreos are worth it, so I sucked it up and ate the chocolate anyway.

My first impression of this blizzard is that it was a little messy. I ordered four blizzards and ate this one last, so it’s understandable that it melted a little, but also, I made a terrible mess of the table.

After cleaning up the melted ice cream, I got to actually take a bite. The first thing I noticed about it was that I could definitely taste the Oreos, and I was thrilled. There were lots of Oreo chunks, and it made me very happy.

I didn’t really understand how the ice cream was supposed to taste like hot chocolate, though. It just tasted like chocolate ice cream. Maybe that was the point, but I feel like if it’s being advertised as a hot cocoa blizzard it should taste like hot cocoa, not just chocolate ice cream.

I mentioned before that there were a lot of Oreo chunks, and there were, which was the best part of this blizzard. But, there were more at the top than on the bottom, so I wish that the Oreos had been mixed in more as opposed to all residing at the top.

Despite my reservations about chocolate ice cream and the lack of hot cocoa flavor, this was my favorite of the four blizzards. I didn’t care about the rest as long as it had Oreos, and so this blizzard checked the only box I had.

Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Treat(returning)

I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of pumpkin pie. I mean, I’ll eat it, sure, but it’s not my favorite thing out there. I do love pumpkin, but pumpkin pie isn’t in my top five pumpkin foods.

However, what is more fall than pumpkin pie? That thought made my decision to get this blizzard while I was choosing the ones I wanted. I figured if I was going to write on the fall blizzard menu, I should probably pick the fall-est blizzard out there.

This blizzard came with whipped cream piled on top, and I hate whipped cream. So, that was the first thing I noticed. Despite that, I took a bite and was pleasantly surprised. I could definitely taste the pumpkin, which is good considering it’s pumpkin ice cream.

There were pieces of pie crust in the blizzard, which I think was my favorite part. It actually felt like I was eating pumpkin pie if it was frozen. The pieces were crunchy, and that added a nice touch. I liked that all the components of pumpkin pie were incorporated into this dessert.

Overall, if I liked pumpkin pie, I would get this blizzard again. Or if I was planning on going to look at the beautiful trees and wanted to add even more fall vibes.