I’m hoping the production team of Falling for Christmas, is laughing with me at how horrible their movie is



The movie poster for Falling for Christmas, featuring Lohan and Overstreet.

It truly is my favorite, and the most wonderful, time of the year: the season of mass-produced money-grab movies. Nothing brings me such immense peace as watching a movie I know full well every actor is at least a little ashamed of.

I must commend Falling for Christmas for how much terrible acting, worse writing, and horrible plot they squished into a mere hour and thirty minutes. For the sake of my conscience, I must imagine that all those involved realize how awful of a movie this is and, together, happily laugh at the reviews that come in. It’s incredible what people will do for money.

Within the first thirty minutes of the film, quite literally every trope imaginable is crammed into one storyline. There’s a spoiled brat influencer that learns the ropes of living a “normal” life, an overworked single dad as the main love interest competing against a toxic yet incompetent boyfriend, memory loss after an outlandish and absurd accident, and a slight, majorly under-discussed, undertone of magic is present.

I must say, when the aspect of magical forces was briefly introduced, a cackle and hushed “no way” uncontrollably escaped me.

I must say, when the aspect of magical forces was briefly introduced, a cackle and hushed “no way” uncontrollably escaped me.

The movie follows the main character Sierra (Lindsay Lohan), as she battles memory loss after a tragic post-proposal ski accident. I truly believe that plot speaks for itself, in terms of showcasing how much I laughed at the dumpster fire that was this film. 

Starring alongside Lohan are such names as actors Chord Overstreet and Jack Wagner. With such a star-studded cast, one might think that at least the acting elevated this film slightly, but unfortunately I cannot say that it did. Each actor managed to look as equally unamused by the project as the next. Lohan’s best scene partner was a horse.

A part of the movie, I genuinely had to pause as tears of laughter were clouding my eyesight, was meant to be an incredibly sentimental moment between Lohan and her love interest’s daughter, Avy (Olivia Monet Perez). As Lohan helped Perez untangle her hair, she spoke the words, in a very serious and inspirational tone, “The worst tangles will sort themselves out if you just give them a little help,” as if that is some life-changing and world-shaking advice. I can’t explain why my laughter simply could not be contained, but this moment made my night. 

I do feel bad tearing this movie down, but as I said, I don’t think anyone in the process believed this would be an oscar deserving piece of content. The movie they set out to make was made, and it provided excellent comedic relief in my life whether it meant to or not.

Although this movie might not be the passionate romantic comedy one might hope for, rightfully so as that’s how it was advertised, this movie is surely a feel-good film. If you take it for what it is, a passionless project, then you’ll get everything necessary out of it. I am incredibly grateful to have found a new movie to creatively poke fun at whenever I need a pick-me-up.