What does everyone want for Valentines Day?


Though it seems January has only just begun, February is fast approaching, and with it a most controversial holiday: Valentine’s Day. 

I have heard all of the quarrels this holiday inevitably bears, and while I understand the disdain many associate with this holiday, I can’t help but disagree. Though I myself have never had a Valentine, I still adore all of the traditions and festivities the holiday brings. Passing around homemade valentines and treats in your elementary school class, the bag of chocolates and themed socks I annually receive from my parents, simply, the color pink. And regardless of the fact I have never personally been someone’s Valentine, I take pride in my shopping ability and think I could be a considerable aid in the gifting this year—specifically in buying for girls—for no particular reason other than I love the concept of gift giving. 

For this February 14th, my suggestion is jewelry. Though I understand not every girl seems the jewelry type, I am insistent on the fact that there are pieces to cater to anyone. Whilst these pieces may cater more to my personal preference, I still believe that jewelry of truly any price is an excellent gift, specifically for this holiday.

Though I myself have never had a Valentine, I still adore all of the traditions and festivities the holiday brings.”

Before I begin with the pieces that fit little to no ones gifting budget, let us begin with some of the more affordable options. For one, Pura Vida released a Valentine’s line, and I think it is adorable. Personally, I have outgrown most of the Pura Vidas I currently own, the simple adjustable string bracelets, but the heart pieces they have released this season have truly upped the game. Most of these seem to avoid the tacky valentines day feel, but they still represent the holiday in some way. 

Really, I am not sure jewelry necessarily has to have a heart on it to classify as a “Valentine’s day” piece, however, I think to some extent it makes the gift even better if done correctly. 

To gravitate towards a slightly pricier option, Pandora has a few options I approve of. In my experience, most Pandora charm bracelets are simply too much. They’re just so bulky. However, the Pandora Moments Heart T-Bar Snake Chain Bracelet is one of a few that has my stamp of approval. It is simple and daintier, and I really like this piece. 

Continuing with my self-proclaimed heart theme, the Return to Tiffany collection has my heart, especially the Devil and Angel heart tags that have been discontinued and are difficult to get your hands on, but may just be my favorite piece in the collection; especially the devil. 

While this list is rather short, there is a multitude of collections you can find with similar looks and styles, however, these are all solid reference pieces. Though this holiday may stand for nothing more than the praying of Americans by Hallmarks nationwide, I think one day of this is quite alright. Jewelry—especially high-quality timeless pieces—will always be the perfect Valentine’s day gift for a valentine or a galentine.