Miley Cyrus’s new song “Flowers” is vengeful in the best way possible

2006’s Miley Cyrus has transitioned from her hits such as “The Climb” and “Best of Both Worlds,” both of which dominated my iPod playlists for the majority of my childhood, and recently, Cyrus has reappeared in my—updated since my iPod days—Spotify playlist. “Adore You” had a grasp on me like no other, but her most recent song, “Flowers,” has a little more of a back story, more than even those about her double identity in the early days.

We all love a vengeful breakup song, and it seems Miley has cracked the code at creating one that sticks with a listener. This new release has a few digs and easter eggs that fans are theorizing to references about her ex-husband and long-term on-and-off boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. The first obvious clue is the release date: Hemsworth’s birthday. 

It is difficult to understand why Cyrus made so many evident digs at Liam. While rumors of possible cheating surround their relationship, Cyrus has publicly denied this, so it leads us to question why she would do such a thing. It is difficult to understand the ins and outs of any relationship, even those as public as celebrities’, yet even without a reason, it is obvious Cyrus was seeking revenge.

Even regardless of her intention, Cyrus did it well.

Even regardless of her intention, Cyrus did it well. 

Along with the release date, there are a multitude of other clues that lead fans to believe this song was dedicated to Liam.

The lyrics seem to be somewhat of a remix of Bruno Mars’s “When I was Your Man,” which Hemsworth reportedly sang and dedicated to Cyrus at the couple’s wedding.

Mars wrote, “Too young, too dumb to realize / That I should have bought you flowers / And held your hand / Should have gave you all my hours / When I had the chance / Take you to every party ’cause all you wanted to do was dance.”

Miley responded with the oh-so-similar lyrics: “I can buy myself flowers / Write my name in the sand / Talk to myself for hours / Say things you don’t understand / I can take myself dancing / And I can hold my own hand.”

If that is not a blatantly obvious dig at Hemsworth, I am not sure what is. 

Along with the more obvious language Cyrus implemented, her wardrobe seems to also be carefully formulated. 

Cyrus is wearing the same suit Hemsworth wore at the Avengers: Endgame premiere, where he told her that she needed to behave on the red carpet. She also wore the same dress Jennifer Lawrence wore at the premiere of The Hunger Games, which pushes fans to question if Hemsworth possibly cheated with Lawrence, his co-star. 

More easter eggs are being dug up by many invested fans about the house she filmed it in, but those seem less necessary when it seems Cyrus is showing and telling us all we need to know in her lyrics and wardrobe. 

I don’t know the whole story myself—obviously. All I know is, sorry Hemsworth, Hannah—Miley—will always have my support.