Once you can read this, I hope you’ll know how much I love you


Me and my little sister Brielle smiling for a selfie

October 20, 2017. Brielle, this is the day you were born and the day that my life changed. Ever since I was little, I’d always wanted a little sister, someone to swap secrets with, try out makeup looks on, and share clothes. You came a bit later than I had planned, but it was the best time possible; after two little brothers, accompanied by constant yelling and wrestling, you were a welcome surprise. 

While you may be a bit more rambunctious than I had previously thought, which certainly makes for entertaining conversation topics, you’re remarkable in every way. Even after pulling the fire alarm at your daycare and having spilled multiple things on my carpet, I still think of you as someone who can do no wrong. Everyone you meet adores you, and the excellent storytelling skills and ideas you already have never ceased to amaze me. 

I love how you say, ‘I call shotgun!’ every car ride because you think it means the backseat. I love the way you tell me all of your stories from school, as much as I may doubt the authenticity of many of them. I love how you copy what I do and look up to me for advice, and I love how you sing songs off-key and perform elaborately choreographed dances. 

I love how you say, ‘I call shotgun!’ during every car ride because you think it means the backseat.

I remember when every single night, you would gather everyone in the family and make us all watch you perform concerts. With flashing lights, loud music, and jumping around on the bed pretending to be a pop star, I began to realize just how exceptional you are. 

You are constantly confounding me with the amount of things you’re able to do, and now that you’re writing letters and attempting to learn how to read, I fully believe there is nothing you won’t be able to do. I can already see you excelling in so many things, one of them being our weekly roller rink visits; soon, I think you’ll surpass me in skill. As I get to watch you grow before my eyes, I see the astonishing girl you’re becoming. 

Even though we have our moments filled with petty arguments, I always find myself forgiving you. You’re filled with a sort of confidence that only comes with a bold and outgoing personality, and every day, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be your sister.

From the bottom of my heart—as cheesy as it sounds— you’re the best sister I ever could’ve asked for, and every moment I spend with you is one I cherish. I’m here for you through all of your embarrassing moments, crushes, and problems, and I want you to know that. I hope one day when you’re able to read this, you’ll fully understand how much I truly and absolutely love you.

As you say to me, “I love you to the moon and back and back and back.”