Life’s ever so fluctuating changes


Alysse Calabio

A simple, serene moment that I get to experience just once

Some things feel as if they should be simple facts of life: how night skies bring the most serene moments, how spring seems to trudge along leaving the most enchanting bouquet of flowers in its every step, or how life evidently hates the feeling of normalcy.

Life and change are two words that feel as though they are essentially synonymous with one another for the simple reason that life is always changing. It makes it so that there is not one moment in this world that is like any other; each and every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Whether it be one of the more predominant aspects of my life, such as where I live, or one of the more infinitesimal aspects of life, such as where I choose to do my work, life seems to purposefully go out of its way to change it. It is as if normalcy and pattern had done something to personally offend life, and as a result, life has decided to hold a grudge against homogeny. 

Looking at the grand scheme of things, it may not appear as though the seemingly slight discrepancies in my everyday life make that much of a difference, but even so, that does not mean that they couldn’t. The smallest divergences, at times, lead to the most prominent changes; they become the butterfly to my hurricane.

Its fluctuating motions keep my life so that it is constantly shifting—it changes all the things I know to be true.

The thought of such small, uncontrollable differences being the catalyst for change in such large parts of my life is nothing if not a worrying thought. It has made a home in the back of my mind—manifesting through my seemingly indecisive decisions. The need to choose the perfect choice has become one I strive to complete with each action and decision I make.

Over time, it has become apparent that the bond between life and change is one that will continue for as long as time. No matter what I do, the world will continuously try to change aspects of my life. Thus, rather than trying my hardest to fight against the constant movement of life and keep everything staying the same, I have come to realize that life is much more pleasurable when I change along with it.

I think that the world is a beautifully terrifying thing. Its fluctuating motions keep my life so that it is constantly shifting—it changes all the things I know to be true. It takes me down daunting roads that completely flip my world upside down; it forces me into the dark abyss of the unknown. But every once in a while, at the end of that dark, endless unknown lays a sprinkle of light. A thing of hope. A possibility for an opportunity. 

Of all the possibilities of the world—of all the ways my life could have changed—I could not be more content. Each difference, whether it be affecting a large aspect of my life or a small one, has allowed me to live through all the mesmerizing moments I have.

It feels like it should be a simple fact of life that life simply does hate normalcy, but I’ve come to not mind that it does.