Lillian Krug walks to the beat of her passions


A photo of junior Lillian Krug.

Junior Lillian Krug holds a special place in her heart for Despicable Me’s main character, Gru.

However, this appreciation for Felonious Gru was not discovered during a viewing of the Despicable Me movies but was rather found throughout an intensive yet rewarding week of band camp. 

“Band camp always brings fun memories,” Lillian said. “This past year, one [memory] that sticks out is the talent show we had. [Each day], we had spirit days, and [the theme] that day was movie day, and the drumline dressed up as minions, so I was Gru. I had to wear a bald cap, and the rest of the drumline had face paint on. It was the hottest day of the year, so it was all melting off. It was really funny.”

These unique moments push Lillian through all of the necessary hard work and commitment that comes with being a member of the FHC Marching Band. Memories like this one are what ensure Lillian that her years-old dream has been worth her dedication. 

Being surrounded by music and creativity her entire life, participating in FHC’s band has always been a goal, and Lillian’s dreams only keep expanding. 

I always wanted to be [a part of] drumline. Ever since I saw Bandtasia when I was little, I’ve wanted [to join], and [now] I want to continue [band] into college.

— Lillian Krug

“I always wanted to be [a part of] drumline,” Lillian said. “Ever since I saw Bandtasia when I was little, I’ve wanted [to join], and [now] I want to continue [band] into college.”

Marching is where Lillian’s heart lies; beginning on bass and eventually moving to be on snare, her journey has been a rewarding one. The more she plays with the drumline, the more her dreams are fulfilled. 

However, her musical capabilities extend far past the drums. Lillian has also been a dedicated pianist since third grade; luckily, this talent assists her in her passion for band and has helped her expand her instrument repertoire. 

“[Playing piano has helped me learn how to play] the marimba and xylophone because the notes are the same,” Lillian said. “But, instead [of hitting piano keys], you’re hitting [the instrument] with mallets.”

Although this instrument has taken Lillian far beyond the bounds of its black and white keys, playing piano was her true first love. 

Taking lessons for years set the foundation for a beautiful relationship with the piano, and now Lillian finds joy in discovering new pieces to play and figuring out how far she can take her talents. As she learns and grows, however, a few of her favorite pieces will always stay consistent. 

“I really like the ‘Moonlight Sonata’ [composed] by Beethoven,” Lillian said. “That’s always one of my favorites to play. I can only play the first movement [so far] because the others are pretty challenging, but I enjoy it.”

Playing the piano was a feat graciously inspired by her parents, and with such a joy-filled hobby, Lillian will always have gratitude for the events that led her to being a pianist. 

With so much space to explore music, both at home and at school, her passion and talent can only continue to grow. However, her favorite part of such a fulfilling activity will always be the way the music makes her feel.

“[Music] really speaks to me,” Lillian said. “[I love] being able to express different feelings through music [by how] loud or soft [I play it] and getting to play it [in a way that shows how] I’m feeling.”