New golf simulator helps FHC swing their way to success

New golf simulator helps FHC swing their way to success

Golf is a game known for luxurious courses such as Augusta National, Pinehurst, and Pebble Beach. Every spring, golfers fill the links in hopes of enjoying the sun and improving their games. In the winter months, the courses are desolate and golfers have to turn to a different method of golfing. For the FHC golf team, they are lucky to have a simulator of their own. The simulator is a machine that allows you to hit year round indoors. The simulator is a screen that you hit into that detects the distance, direction, and speed of golfers shots. The biggest benefit of the simulator is that it gives the guys the ability to hit year round, a privilege that most programs do not have. With it’s location being at Forest Hills Central Middle School, it’s easy access for the team. Head coach Paul TenEyck knows the advantages the simulator gives his players in the off-season.

“The simulator is an awesome tool that we are utilizing almost every day,” TenEyck said. “We have set up a winter golf league in which teams are competing against one another.”

The Ranger golf team looks to repeat their conference championship, and a machine like this will help them in doing so.

“It has been great for working on swing paths, grip adjustments, course management, and reinforcing key aspects of the game,” TenEyck said.

Although the simulator is a helpful tool, it is a lot different than hitting on the course. Obviously, the ball doesn’t fly like it would on the course, but there are more minor differences that can affect a player’s game. Having to adjust to pure yardage is one thing that can be tricky when using the simulator. Another change is not being able to see the hole and use depth perception, which is one of the most drastic changes to adjust to.

One of the Rangers key returners, junior Mike Battiste, looks to have a huge season. The simulator is helping him evolve his game. Mike is one of three juniors who is returning to the Rangers lineup this season. His hope of having another successful season correlates with the work he puts in this off-season. Mike knows the simulator will have instant effects on his game come spring time.

“The simulator is going to be a key tool,” Mike said. “Getting our guys out and practicing is important. We have a few guys on the hockey team that will need to use it to prepare.”

Another advantage of the simulator is preparing the future grades for success. The simulator, being located at the middle school, has attracted a lot of attention from the younger kids. There are kids who are enjoying it, and TenEyck looks forward to preparing them for the next level.

“Middle schoolers are hitting almost every day before school,” TenEyck said. “It has created a buzz in the middle school, and that can only help us moving forward.”