The only negative thing about summer is that it means no longer being a part of The Central Trend


It’s a funny feeling, knowing that I’ll never be staying up late again, trying to get the minimum 400 words down on a Google Doc for a column I have due the next day, or trying to track down impossible-to-reach students for an interview, or simply editing a fellow writer’s piece. 

Suddenly, I’m at the end, destined never to contribute to The Central Trend again. 

I signed up for the class originally because I adore writing, and I wanted more motivation and time to partake in it, however, I am imploring everyone else to sign up for the class not just for the writing, but the amazing people and atmosphere of the class. It also doesn’t hurt that everybody is unbelievably talented and able to weave a heart-wrenching story together from any brief piece of inspiration.

Suddenly, I’m at the end, destined never to contribute to The Central Trend again. 

Everyone in the class is incredibly kind, understanding, and unbelievably fun to be around. Whether you are already friends with them or not, you will be bonding over anything, from one of the stories you’ve written, to Taylor Swift, to something incredibly irrelevant but is somehow brought up anyways. No cliques, just remarkable, talented people enjoying their time together. 

The Central Trend is special. There is no other way to put it. Everyone who walks into room 139 comes out happier, laughing, and—like it intends to do—a better writer. 

The proof of this, besides my first-hand account, can be found on the site. If you were to scroll through the column section, every May and June is riddled with farewells and thank yous to TCT. I suppose that this will simply be one joining the many, thanking the class for everything it blessed me with. 

I am relieved that my junior year is over and that it is soon to be summer, yet, I find myself already missing this class, which has brought me more friendships and fun than any class ever has before. No other class has ever felt less of a burden, despite the multiple stories I write every month. It isn’t homework, it’s an opportunity to do what I love for a class that has brought me nothing but happiness. Despite those late nights and interviews, I know that I will only remember my love for TCT and everything that went with it. 

I am beyond sad to say that I will never hear Mr. George say, “Welcome home” again while Taylor Swift plays in the background, signifying that school is over, and it is time to enjoy myself again. The Central Trend brought me more than a writing outlet; it brought me long-lasting friendships and amazing memories I am not soon to forget.