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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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Love letters to life — it’s the little romances of life

Alysse Calabio
One of those romantic moments where I found myself lost in a store I love

To Life,

I have found that it is within the most mundane of things that the world’s greatest romances lay hiding, waiting to be discovered.

Some may lay in large, dazzling displays: the ones that catch the attention of all who care to see, the ones that leave your heart racing, and the ones that leave you hoping for romance all the more.

Even somore often than not—I find myself searching for it within the smaller moments of my day when it is simply you and I.

Carefully, I scour for it, for if you let it, the moment will pass you by.

But every once in a while, I find it—I find those little romantic moments hiding in plain sight.

I find romance all around me.

Simply, it is the small things in life that are the most romantic.

I find romance outside—when the cool autumn air wistfully combs through my hair and the light lining the sky peaks through the tree branches overhead. The moments in which silence hovers over me seem to be the most peaceful, for there is nothing but us and the blooming nature surrounding us.

I find romance in the flame of a candle. For those nights I am forced to stay up late finishing an assignment or the nights I simply want to eat with myself, I can think of no better way to do so than with the dancing flame of a candle. The dim light and sweet-smelling smoke float around my room—illustrating how romantic it truly is.

I find romance in the moments I lose myself in a small store. Whether it be an old antique store or a local bookstore, I had discovered the hours I could spend in there, allowing my eyes to wander over each item there, each item yearning for a new home to call its own. Looking back, it is in those moments that I have found to be the most romantic.

I find it in the solitude of us. 

So, although I may love to witness all those lovely, grand, romantic professions of love, I will forever continue searching for those romantic moments in those mundane moments. For it is those romantically mundane moments that I know I will always have to return to, that I know I will never run out of. And, for that, they will always hold a special place in both my heart and my memory.

Simply, it is the small things in life that are the most romantic.

Love always,


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About the Contributor
Alysse Calabio, Staff Writer
Alysse Calabio is going on to her second and final year on The Central Trend. If there's anything she loves more than the world, it would be experiencing new adventures and hobbies; everything from taekwondo to horseback riding to, evidently, writing has caught her attention at some point. Whether or not she was able to stick with it is up for debate but to say she didn't try would be a lie. In her free time you'll find her attempting to learn how to cook, something she has failed miserably in the past, and crocheting her heart out. This year will surely be a bittersweet one, but she's excited to be going through it. Artist she is currently obsessing over: Laufey Her favorite movie: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once Most interesting food she's ever tried: Chicken feet  

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