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Love at First Sight was a comfortingly cute take on romantic comedies

The poster for this romantically, cute move: Love at First Sight.

Do you leave it all in the hands of fate, or do you take your chances with the statistics?

Do you risk it all for love or leave it all to life?

What better way to know is there than to leave it in the hands of the amazingly cheesy rom-com Love at First Sight?

In the typical cheesy rom-com fashion, Love at First Sight opens with the beloved (and expected) meet-cute. Hadley Sulivan (Haley Lu Richardson) is on her way to her father’s wedding when she misses her flight to London by four minutes, forcing her to board the next one. 

Queue the meet-cute: Hadley tries to charge her phone in the meantime, but all of the outlets are taken, prompting Oliver Jones (Ben Hardy) to share his. Eventually, they even end up sitting next to each other on their flight. When their flight lands, they get separated, forcing them to fight against all that probability says to find each other again.

Before anything else, I have to mention my absolute adoration for the cast—more specifically, Haley Lu Richardson as well as Jameela Jamil, who plays the narrator throughout the film. Although I find it unsurprising that they did so well bringing their characters to life, especially seeing as they’re both incredibly talented actors, it does make it all the more entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

Even outside of the cast, the film alone had my heart the entire time. 

I would not typically consider myself to be an avid romance movie watcher for the sole reason that the movies often become extremely drama-infused, and while they are undeniably entertaining, I become very frustrated with the character’s choices very quickly; however, with Love at First Sight, I found that the film wasn’t reliant on the creation of pointless problems for it to keep the audience’s attention—a refreshing change from many romance movies.

Simply, it is a love story focused on the two characters coming together rather than their pulling apart.

Simply, it is a love story focused on the two characters coming together rather than their pulling apart.

On top of that, I thought that the movie was nicely paced. Some movies seem to drag on forever while others fly by without me even realizing it, but this film was one that kept my attention the whole time. Every scene had its purpose—it conveyed, amazingly, what it needed to and then it moved on to the next.

Although it is a small detail, I would also like to point out that I love the outfits that Jamil wears throughout her narration and the wedding dress of the father’s bride, Charlotte (Katrina Nare). Jamil’s outfits, though eccentric at times, were amusing to see while Charlotte’s gown was just breathtaking.

My only criticism of it all would be that I wish we got to know more about Hadley and her character. Throughout the movie, we learn a lot about Oliver, his past, and who he is as a person, but Hadley I feel is a bit more glossed over. While we do learn small details about her, we mainly know that she spent her time searching for Oliver.

While the movie is by no means breaking any boundaries in the field of rom-com movies, it is perfectly and lovably cliché. 

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Alysse Calabio
Alysse Calabio, Staff Writer
Alysse Calabio is going on to her second and final year on The Central Trend. If there's anything she loves more than the world, it would be experiencing new adventures and hobbies; everything from taekwondo to horseback riding to, evidently, writing has caught her attention at some point. Whether or not she was able to stick with it is up for debate but to say she didn't try would be a lie. In her free time you'll find her attempting to learn how to cook, something she has failed miserably in the past, and crocheting her heart out. This year will surely be a bittersweet one, but she's excited to be going through it. Artist she is currently obsessing over: Laufey Her favorite movie: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once Most interesting food she's ever tried: Chicken feet  

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