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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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Nail styles are being unveiled with the fall season and festivities

The blue French tip style with an oval shape

With recent homecoming festivities, a fraction of teenage girls’ preparations are commonly nails. Whether it is acrylics, dip, or classic paint, the majority of them are decked out in various sparkles, colors, shapes, and designs to match their exceptional dresses. Nails are frequently designed, but during dance season, the true trends are revealed. 

This year, the unique designs of chrome and colorful French tips have been notoriously styled recently. 

Personally, for homecoming, I got oval French tips, with the tips a very light blue. It was simple, yet classy, and gave a perfect elegant look. 

The tips that most people got showcased a color that matched their outfit, varying from pink to blue shades. The simple style allowed many to express themselves while not overly distracting from the final outfit. 

The style of chrome nails has also peaked in popularity in recent months. Chrome gives off a shiny and slightly reflective overcoat. It gives more personality to an otherwise generic nail style. 

The colors that have been trending recently include varying shades of pastels to dark, autumn tints.

The colors that have been trending recently include varying shades of pastels to dark, autumn tints

Blush pinks have been overused, featuring in many of the previous styles. The pinks also go perfectly with the cream and whites that have been popular. Lots of styles included many shades of blue encompassed in the different patterns. There are also a handful of people showcasing a wine-red color. It gives a darker atmosphere to a simple style. It also showcases one of the popular colors of fall. 

The shapes of nails are mainly split between coffin or square, and rounded. Both shapes are exactly how they sound but differ in length. Recently, natural-length nails have been making a comeback, but still have a tough competitor with a slightly longer length. Fortunately, the extremely long nails are not currently in style, although the opinions on them can be left for interpretation.

Arguably most importantly, we have the types of nails: acrylic, natural, and tips. I personally get tips, since I feel that it only minorly damaged my nails. Many people will choose to maintain their natural nails for the sake of nail health and costs. All are continuously common choices, but the final decision is often costly. The acrylics and tips will cost more, while polish is considerably cheaper. This is because there are more steps, time, and resources. 

The cost tends to be the final decision for many since the designs will cost more as a result of the same factors. There are so many other styles and designs that could be chosen, and so many that specifically fit fall. It is now time to wait and see if the styles change and what are the next styles to be desired.

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